Easy Crochet sweater Free Pattern
Easy Crochet sweater Free Pattern

Are you thinking about making a crochet men slouchy beanie? Well i have put together 25 crochet men slouchy beanie free patterns for your perusal and to make picking easy.

crochet men slouchy beanie
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How do you crochet a slouchy beanie?

A crochet slouchy beanie is made by making a chain that covers around the head. This is then followed by starting with the crochet beanie band which can be a few rows of backpost and front post double crochet. Following this, the body of the crochet slouchy beanie is made and then decreases are followed to give it the slouchy look finish.

How long should a slouch beanie be?

For a crochet beanie to be slouchy, make it 12″ long. However, this will depend on the size of head you are making it for. If you have made a crochet beanie for that size head before, add an extra 2″ to make it slouchy. If you have not, find a crochet beanie size chart below, and add an extra 2″ to the finished size.

Best yarn for crochet beanie

The right yarn for a crochet beanie depends on the purpose of the crochet beanie. I know warmth is always the purpose, but not all the time. Some crochet beanies will call for a DK Weight yarn while other a chunky or a worsted weight yarn. All these yarn’s can be found at a click of a finger HERE,

Crochet beanie size chart

crochet men slouchy beanie
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Feel free to comment down below which crochet men slouchy beanie was your favourite.

1. The best crochet men slouchy beanie

image 6 12
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Here is a crochet beanie pattern that not only covers the men but also the boys. Using a lightweight yarn to let your crochet slouchy beanie hang, this free crochet beanie pattern will be your boys favorite this winter.

Love the slouchy men’s beanie? we have a free pattern available.

2. Crochet Men Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern

image 6 13
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Here we have a simple crochet men slouchy beanie made in a very simple crochet stitch. Good for the beginner and can make the best beanie if you are looking for something quick and easy.

Feel free to play around with the pattern by adding a new color or even colors. There is a free crochet pattern available for this crochet beani.

3. Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

image 6
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Here is a perfect fit crochet men slouchy beanie. The designer made it a crochet color block beanie which ads a lot of style and look to the beanie. You can use one solid color for the crochet beanie, or, feel free to add a few more stripes to add more design to your crochet beanie.

4. Cotton Beanie Free Pattern

image 7
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A crochet beanie that has a knitted look is a must make. Everyone that crochet’s only but wished they knew how to knit, like me here, has a soft spot for knit look projects. If you have seen my crochet sweaters, you will see i have a soft spot for the knit stitch.

Love this crochet slouchy men’s beanie free pattern?

5. Wanderlust Beanie Crochet Pattern

image 7 1
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Feel like making a crochet beanie with some texture? Here is the perfect one for you. Easy and fast to make. You will be done before you even know it.

Find the free crocjet beanie pattern below

6. 3 ML Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

image 7 3
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Here is another free crochet men slouchy beanie. It may not be modeled by a women, but give it a blue or grey even black yarn color, and we will be discussing a whole different story.

It looks knit, another pls if you ask me.

Free crochet pattern anyone? Find the link below

7. 10 Crochet Beanie Free Patterns

image 7 4
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Here is a link that will take you to 10 awesome handmade crochet men’s beanies. I feel like the crochet community mainly favors the women, i understand that a lot of crocheters are ladies, but that means men’s crochet clothes are limited. So when we come across the few crochet mean’s clothes, we are happy and love to share the work.

For the free crochet 10 men beanies, click below.

18. Men’s Crochet Beanie Pattern

image 7 5
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I know someone will try to argue that this is a knit beanie. Well, it is not, all crochet. When you make a crochet hat using the slip stitch alone, you get a knitted look crochet beanie finish.

Fancy this crochet beanie free pattern?

Find it when you click the button below

19. 34 Crochet men Slouchy Beanie Patterns For beginners

image 7 6
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And to finalize the list, a whole collection of beginner friendly crochet slouchy beanie patterns.

If you are not a beginner, you can always look around to see if there is a crochet project you might love.

For the free crochet pattern

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