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If you know me then you must know when i make crochet afghan, it means there is a baby in the family. This crochet beginner blanket is for my cousin who has just been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

crochet beginner blanket

I have been getting a lot of requests to teach this half double slip stitch because it is not very common.

This is by far my favourite stitch to crochet almost all projects with especially due to the knitting appearance it carries.

Easy Crochet Beginner Blanket Pattern

This crochet blanket is for the absolute beginer. The only crochet stitch used in this pattern is the half double slip stitch also knows as the yarn over slip stitch.

This stitch resembles a knitting stitch, which is what i really wanted this blanket to look like

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Best Yarn For Crochet Blankets

If you are making a blanket then warmth is a factor. This crochet stitch guarantees that for you. Howver, the choice of yarn used in making the crochet afghan also plays a large role in the warmth the blanket will carry.

Worsted weight yarns mean the crochet project will move faster and because the yarn is on the thicker side, it promises warmth. A tight stitch and a thick yearn equal warmth.

Recommended yarn for a crohet afghan

Worsted weight yarn– Use the Schitt’s Greek Yarn by Lion brand, for the perfect looking crochet afghan
5.50m crochet hook i used the 5.50 crochet hook my personal favourite crochet hook.
Stitch marker

Crochet baby blanket stitches

This half double slip stitch is just perfect for the babies. If you know a thing or two about crochet baby blankets, then you must know that you need to watch out for the stitches used as their little finger can get caught in the stitches if they are too lacy.

This baby crocht blanket pattern can be easily adjusted to a crochet throw or bigger and it is all explained in the class or pattern.

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