Best Crochet Kit For Beginners

crochet kit for beginners

If you are a beginner to crochet and are wondering what you need to start crocheting , then look no further! This  crochet kit for beginners list will help you get headed in the right direction of your crocheting journey. These crochet starter kits have everything you need for your first crochet project, including high-quality crochet … Read more

8 Knit & Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Kits

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Crochet amigurumi has just become a new favourite crochet project for me. As i am still learning and figuring out how to crochet an amigurumi, i decided to share the awesome crochet and knit amigutumi patterns i am coming across. These are not just knit and crocchet amigurumi patterns, but they are kits. That means … Read more


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I have recently developed a love for the crochet amigurumi, they are so beautiful and fun to make. I made my first one which was my lerning migurumi, And i think i did okay for my first ever crochet amigurumi, see picture below. I think i see potential for a first time amigurumi crocheter. I … Read more