10 Fun Crochet Donkey Pattern

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Looking for a new fun crochet amigurumi project? Well then look no further. In this article, i have collected a few crochet donkey patterns that are just too cute to resist. Make some for you and your kids! Donkey crochet pattern I have always been fascinated by donkeys. Small but strong animals even though i … Read more

Crochet Blanket Stitches

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Crochet blankets are always a great project to work on, but deciding the stitch to use can be a handful. I have put together a few crochet blanket stitches i find go well with crochet blankets, throws and aghans. Best crochet blanket stitches Today I bring you 10 crochet stitch tutorials that go far beyond … Read more

Half Double Crochet Stitch (HDC)

how to half double crochet

The half double crochet stitch is one of the first crochet stitches taught to every crochet beginner. Easy to learn, the half double crochet (HDC) stitch works well with a lot of crochet projects. Half double crochet is a beautiful crochet stitch. it’s simple but versatile. It is one of the basic crochet stitches that … Read more

Best Crochet Kit For Beginners

If you are a beginner to crochet and are wondering what you need to start crocheting , then look no further! This  crochet kit for beginners list will help you get headed in the right direction of your crocheting journey. These crochet starter kits have everything you need for your first crochet project, including high-quality crochet … Read more

Beginner Crochet Granny Square

If you have been looking to learn how to crochet a granny square then you stopped at the right site. Even though crochet granny squares look complicated, they’re actually quite easy to make! In this tutorial, I’ll share my easy-to-learn granny square pattern that’s perfect for you, the confident beginner. I have a YouTube Video tutorial incase … Read more

Crochet Zipper Bag For Beginners

My love for bags led me to this crochet zipper bag tht has just become my new home for all my crochet hooks. If you are looking for a crochet purse bag with a zipper then look no further. Easy Crochet Zipper Bag For Beginners This zip-up puch/bag was an easy and fast project to … Read more