Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

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If you are looking to make a cute crochet baby hat with some bear ears, then this one might just be the one. I was fascinated with how fast this baby hat was done. Literally 30 minutes! Remember you can alwys get the Ad-Free PDF Version on Etsy ($2.40) or Ribblr ($1.50). How To Crochet … Read more

Crochet Cat Scarf Patterns

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If you own a cat and know how to crochet, then this crochet cat scarf patterns list will be your favourite thing today. Cat’s can be very fun to be around, especiallly when you get to crochet them little accesories. Crochet Cat Scarf Patterns Owning a cat is almost like owning your very own little … Read more

Crochet Daisy Granny Square Cardigan

Untitled design 65

If you are a lover of the crochet daisy granny square cardigan then welcome! I just made a granny square crochet project! If you have seen some of my other crochet projects you might have heard me talk about how i do not have the patience for granny squares. Get the Ad-Free PDF Pattern for … Read more

25 Crochet Mens Cardigan Pattern

image 141

Looking for a new crochet mens cardigan pattern to try? Look no further! In this blog post, we have collected 25 of the best free crochet mens cardigan patterns for you to choose from. These patterns are suitable for beginner and intermediate crocheters, and include pullovers, cardigans, fisherman style cardigan, and more. So whether you’re looking for … Read more

Crochet Yoke All Sizes

image 137

If you are a lover of top-down crochet sweaters and cardigans, then you will love the crochet yoke even more. In this post i will teach you how to crochet a sweater or cardigan for all sizes with a simple trick a learnt a few years back. When mmoost people talk about the crochet yoke, … Read more

Crochet Daisy Blanket Pattern

image 129

If you are a lover of daisies, then the crochet daisy blanket will knock you off your feet. I know it did with me. But sadly, i have no pattience for the granny squares, but i will not let that stop me from sharing you these beautiful crochet blanket patterns. Crochet Daisy Blanket If you … Read more

Crochet Shark Pattern

image 122

What’s the best thing about crochet? You can crochet just about anything! I find the crochet shark to be super cute, i have not attempted to make one myself, but i see myself doing that in the future. In this blog post, i will share with you a few crochet shark patterns that i thought … Read more

Gifts For The Crocheter

image 107

When it comes to getting the perfect gifts for the crocheter, not everyone knows what to get. As i crocheter myself, i know a few things that would really make me happy if i was gifted. So i have put together a list of items that will make that crafter love you more. On a … Read more

Crochet Frog Hat Pattern

image 96

If you are here then it is because you have seen these cute crochet frog hats. They are just adorable and gorgeous. If you are looking to make your own, then this post is just the one for you. I have collected a few crochet beanie patterns that i believe you will love. Easy Crochet … Read more

10 Crochet Christmas Gnome Patterns

image 87

If you are looking for a quick crochet project, then crochet Christmas gnomes are the must makes for you. Using minimal yarn and basic crochet stitches, you will have your gnome ornaments, decorations done before you know it. In this article, we have collected several Christmas gnomes that will look great onthe door, on the … Read more

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