Crochet was very intimidating at first when i started to learn, there were no crochet classes i could take, maily because i did not have a specific interest, everything crochet was beautiful and i wanted to learn all of it. Online Crochet Courses These online crochet courses are designed for the modern maker and come … Read more

Crochet Daisy Granny Square

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The crochet daisy granny square caught my eye when i had just started to lean how to crochet. My love for them has not died, i just lack the patience to crochet a thousand granny squares. There is a class you can watch for free to make this crochet daisy granny square. You can sign … Read more

35+ Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Free Pattern

crochet granny square cardigan free pattern

Recently i have fallen in love with the crochet granny square cardigan, i have never had the patience for a crochet granny square until i made my first crochet granny square. And i fell in love. I will be sharing 25 easy crochet granny square cardigan free patterns that are perfect for the beginner, intermediate … Read more

Raffle Crochet Summer Top Free Pattern

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Before summer clocks out you need to crochet this raffle summer top. This crochet summer top will be a two days project provided you make it on a clear weekend. When it comes to this crochet summer top pattern, the buttons give it the perfect diffiition and finishing off the touch with the belt. Perfect … Read more


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So you have just picked up crochet or you have been crocheting for a while but recently wondered what are the types of crochet hooks? Well the answer is there are a lot, and the interesting part is, each type of crochet hook serves a different purpose. Crochet hooks will range in sizes depending on … Read more