Crochet Fruit Market Bag Free Pattern

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Wanting to crochet yourself a fruit market bag that takes little yarn and will be done in just a day? Me too! And this is just the crochet bag pattern for you! For the Ad-Free crochet pattern head HERE.

free crochet market bag pattern

How To Crochet A Fruit Market Bag

If you are absolutely new to crochet, then this right here will not be your best crochet project choice. However, i will be suggest you try out a few crochet bag patterns we have here for free like

free crochet market bag pattern

Tips For Crocheting a Market Bag

  • Choose the Right Yarn: Use sturdy, washable yarns like cotton or linen for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Hook Size Matters: Use a hook size appropriate for the yarn to ensure a tight, durable weave.
  • Reinforce Stress Points: Add extra stitches or use double yarn in areas that will bear weight, like handles and base.
  • Gauge Swatch: Always make a gauge swatch to ensure your bag will turn out the right size.
  • Experiment with Patterns: Try different stitch patterns for added texture and strength, like the mesh stitch or the star stitch.
  • Finish Strong: Weave in ends securely to prevent unraveling.

Supplies Needed To Crochet A Market Bag

  • Yarn: Select cotton, linen, or other sturdy, washable yarns. I used an acrylic DK weight yarn
  • Crochet Hook: Choose a size that matches your yarn; but i used a 5mm crochet hook
  • Scissors: For cutting yarn.
  • Tapestry Needle: To weave in ends and join pieces.
  • Stitch Markers: To keep track of your rounds or pattern repeats.
  • Measuring Tape: For checking dimensions as you crochet.
crochet market fruit bag pattern


Now to the fun stuff. The crochet market bag pattern, But before we get any further, here are a few great things to know:

Good To Know

-We work the whole bag without having to connect any pieces, You will only cut your yarn when you are done with your work

-The whole crochet bag is worked in beginner friendly stitches: single crochet and chain plus a little bit of slip stitches

-If you want to make the bag bigger, you can add more stitches and more rows. If you want to make it smaller, you can by reducing the number of stitches and rows.

fruit market bag crochet pattern tiktok


The finishes crochet market bag measured :

23″X17″ (58cm X 43cm) long and 23″X17″ (58cm X 43cm) wide

Market Bag Crochet Free Pattern

Chain 21. For a bigger crochet bag pattern chain 31 or more if you please.

20 sc in the back bums of the foundation chain, at the end ,ch 1 and turn


20 sc all across, at the end ch 1, and turn. Repeat this for 6 rows

6 rows

At the end of row 6, ch 5, sc to the first stitch of the ch 6 cluster to make your first loop. Ch 5 and sc to the next stitch for your next loop.

ch 5 loops

Repeat this for the whole row for a total of 20 loops.

ch 5 loopss

At the end, ch 5 and turn. Row 2 of the loops will comprise of ch5, sc to the previous loop. ch 5, sc to the previous loop. You will end u with 20 loops at the end of every row. Rep this for a total of 32 rows or as many as you wish to have.

32 rows

At the end of 32 rows, sc in each loop for a total of 20 sc. ch 1, turn and sc for another 5 rows for a total of 6 rows. We will finish the rows the same way we begun.

32 rows2


To begin working the straps and the other side of the bag, start by making a very long ch as long as you want the straps to be. I chained 75. slst to the other side of the 6 rows of sc then proceed to place sc on the side of the 6 sc row band.

32 rows3

Then proceed to sc on the side of the loops, single crochet on the ch 5 stitches then single crochet in between for a total of 32 sc or however many rows you worked. At the end, 6sc to the side of the 6sc rows and ch 75 again, connect to the other side and repeat for the other side with 32 sc, when you reach where you begun, bring in a stitch marker.

free crochet bag pattern

From here on we will work 6 rounds of sc so be sure to place a stitch marker where your first sc will be. put a movie on and relax because this will take some time. sc all around till you have a bag like the image below.

Now faster off your yarn, leave a tail and weave in the ends. Your fruit market bag is all done!

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