blogging income report

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I have never truly understood why people hide their monthly incomes , salary or what be it. Maybe i will understand when i have received my first pay check LOL!! However, i am more than excited to share with you my entire journey for at least the first 12 months or when you all get tired of following it.

what the report will cover

This blogging incomer report will cover everything centered around my crochet business. As you may know, this blog is crochet specific so all content found here is 100% crochet related. On the blog are mainly crochet tutorials, crochet facts and tips etc. However, my crochet business has several income streams as we speak.

I will give you a whole breakdown of the money i spent to start this business out of my pocket, which is none. Confused? Keep reading to hear about it LOL!!!

Crochet Income streams

So before we go any further, i want you to understand the business skeleton model. As of the time of writing this blog post, my crochet business income streams comprise of :

  1. PDF Pattern sales
  2. Affiliate sales
  3. Website

So far that is about it, I do have a YouTube channel but it is not monetized yet, there are some challenges involved (I am from Malawi, so my country is not recognized in the YouTube monetization program) however, that is nothing to worry about. For now anyways

PDF Pattern sales

So about this, there are 3 places i know of that are crochet and knitting specific and that is Ravelry, Lovecrafts and Ribler. If there is something new i don’t know please let me know LOL.

So, the first shop i ever opened was Ravelry followed by Lovecrafts as these two cost you nothing to start. However, living in one of the worlds poorest countries means nothing ever happens here LOL so the platforms i mentioned did not recognize the country so patterns purchased from my shops posed to be a challenge as the payment wouldn’t reach me.

This did not worry me as much considering that the purchases were minimal, but i found a solution after struggles and a lot of prayer. My sister, who lives in the UK saved the day!!! So payment goes through her before it can get to me. We are hustling in these streets LOL! But this just shows me the amount of dedication i have towards my business.

I saw how business was slow in these platforms, ravelry and lovecrafts to be specific, so i went back to doing my research and trying to see how the other people in the business were making it happen. And i saw the majority are on Etsy. However, Etsy has it’s own expenses and a lot of people frown upon the expenses Etsy has, however, I started selling on Etsy for FREE. (Read about it)

So basically how it works is, you find someone who is already selling on Etsy, and you get them to give you an invite link, you will use that link to register on Etsy, upon registering, you will get yourself and the owner of the link 40 FREE listings. Imagine what you can do with those 40 free listings. You don’t have to stop there, you can invite some people to multiply the listings for yourself .

So i think now it is starting to make sense as to how i built this business from $0.00 Well nothing from my pocket directly.

After the Etsy sales started coming through, the money saved from the sales were what i used to buy my website hosting. SO yes, nothing came out of my pockets directly. I mean maybe the yarn LOL.

affiliate sales

So, i am still new to this, at the time of writing this blog post (14th December 2021 for memory sake LOL) I recently joined ShareaSale and i hear it works wonders, personally i cannot wait to start to see those wonders work their way to my bank account.

I also am an affiliate for amazon associates, but as they are rumored, they pay peanuts. However, that is a dollar i didn’t have right? LOL

website/ blog

Finally, this blog which should have ads as you read it. Those ads are how i make money. I am yet to know how much money i make for the month of December as the ads became live mid month, but when i checked today there was $2.86, i am almost rich LOL!!!

All of this is exciting to be honest, and i am excited to see where this journey will take me. It all started as a simple prayer, “God direct me to a business i will love to do and that will let me glorify your name” and the Lord is faithful, he answered.

A year from now WILL be better that today. I am excited for the journey so stay with me. Subscribe to the newsletter list to be notified when a new post goes up.