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At the end of these 25 crochet flower free patterns, you should have a home full of crochet flowers. If you are looking for a quick and esy crochet project, then these crochet flower patterns might just brighten your day.

image 89

Crochet flowers can be used to bring life to any crochet project, or, like you will see in the other crochet flower patterns, can be used as a headband or even a hair pin. In this blog post, i will give you 25 crochet flowers free patterns made by talented crochet designers.

Supplies To Make A Crochet Flower

To make any crochet project, yarn is needed. Not just any yarn, but the right yarn.

image 104

What yarn should i use to make a crochet flower?

Finding the right yarn for your crochet flower project can be a little challenge. So how about you start HERE. You will find a variety of yarns for any project you could ever make. Different weight too

So if the project asks for a finger light yarn, you can find that HERE.

How To Use Crochet Flowers

Crochet flowers are beautiful to make, but they are even better when you have an actual use for them. So, wondering what to do with the crochet flower?

  • Add it to a bobby pin and wear it as a hair accessory
  • Sew it into your crochet headband and let it give your headband some style
  • You have made a crochet sweater or cardigan? well then, sew that crochet flower on there to give your sweater or cardigan some style.
  • Take the crochet flower and put it in a vase, leave it on the centre table and you have some DIY home decor
  • Make a chain of crochet flowers and hang them in your room or on top of your bed.
  • Add a pin to the flower and pin it on a dress or shirt you are wearing
  • Gift it to your loved ones


Let me know which crochet flower was your favorite.

1. Summer Daisy Garland

image 86

The crochet Summer Daisy Garland flower pattern by Justpootling.

This crochet daisy flower is so beautiful and easy to make, the Crochet flower free pattern has a lot of pictures explainig every step of the way.

Free crochet flower pattern can be found HERE

2. The Simple Crochet Flower

image 87

The simple crochet flower is a pattern done by Lookwhatimade.

This is another easy crochet flower pattern with clear and imagery instructions on how to complete the beautiful piece.

This free crochet flower pattern can be found HERE

3. Crochet Lilac Flowers Free Pattern

image 88

The lilac flower is a beauty, most loved for its beautiful fragrance. This crochet lilac flower pattern is so beautifully done.

The crochet pattern is by Goldenlucycrafts.

Once you have worked one crochet lilac flower, you will be addicted. Read more about this crochet flower pattern HERE

4. Crochet Tulips On Canvas

image 90

Feel like having your crochet work on display? Then this crochet tulips on canvas can be just the one for you.

The free crochet pattern is done by Repeat Crafter Me and can be found for free HERE.

The materials needed to complete the crochet pattern are all found on the blog post.

5. 5 Petal Crochet Flower Pattern

image 91

Personally, i love simplicity and this is just the perfect crochet flower pattern for a minimalist like me.

If you are looking for a simple flower pattern hen this one is the one.

The free rochet pattern was done by 1 dog woof and can be accessed HERE

6. Potted Crochet Flowers

image 92

If you love some good crochet home decor, then these crochet potted plants might just be the ones for you.

The crochet pattern was done by To Craft A Home and the pattern can be accessed HERE for free.

7. herry Blossom

crochet flower pattern

This crochet cherry blossom is just another simple crochet flower pattern. Once you make one flower, the rest will just happen naturally.

The free crochet flower pattern was done by In the yarn garden and can be found HERE.

8. The easiest crochet flower Pattern ever

image 94

Kim Layon of Everything Etsy promises you that this crochet flower pattern is the easiest crochet flower ever.

Why don’t you see that for yourself HERE

9. Rose crochet flower pattern

image 95

The crochet Rose flower pattern done by Crochet Beja can be found HERE with it’s detailed instructions.

10. Gerbera Crochet Flowers – Free Crochet Pattern

image 96

Annie of Annies Design Crochet has this beautiful crochet flower pattern for you. There are multiple flower designs which makes the craft even more interesting.

For the free flower pattern, CLICK HERE

11. Crochet Flower Headband

image 97

For this crochet flower, you already know what to do with it. You can have it on a headband.

Who doesn’t want to wear a head band made of flowers?

For the free crochet pattern, CLICK HERE.

13. May Flowers

image 99

I am sure one thing we can all agree about on this crochet flower pattern is that is is so adorable.

At the end of this crochet flower project, you would have made a crochet flower and a watering can with it.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE

14. Free Crochet Poppy Pattern

image 100

Poppies have always been simple and beautiful to me. I loved learning about the poppy flower, learning to make one from crochet must be even better.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE.

15. Croches Roses

image 101

When you access this crochet roses pattern, you will see that it is in Swedish, but you can convert the language to English unless you understand Swedish.

This crochet rose flower is another must make.

Find the free crochet flower pattern HERE.

16. Gerbera Crochet Flowers

image 102

This crochet flower pattern was made and turned to a hair accessory. You can wear your too like that.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE.

17. Sunflower Bouquet Free Pattern

image 103

Up to now, i have not come across anyone who does not love the Sunflowers.

They are well known for their bright and beautiful appearance.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE.

18. Crochet Bluebells Free Pattern

image 105

Want some hand made crochet home decor? Then this one is just for you.

Crochet this beautiful flower, find a vase and put it in there, Your house is a crochet flower pattern prettier.

Find the free pattern HERE.

19. Never ending Wildflower

image 106

Here is a flower that looks like a gift that keeps on giving.

Keep it going and you have yourself a beautiful crochet mat piece.

Find the free crochet flower pattern here.

20. Lovely Lavender Crochet Spray

image 107

At first glance i seriously thought this was a real flower and not a crochet flower.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE

21. The African Flower

image 108

The crochet african flower pattern looks like a crochet granny sqyare, but it is not.

Find the free crochet pattern HERE.

22. Peony Flower Free Crochet Patterns

image 109

Find the free pattern to this crochet flower HEre

23. Puff flower free pattern

image 110
image 111

Find the free crochet pattern HERE

24. How to crochet a sunflower

image 112

Find the free crochet pattern for this crochet sunflower HERE.

25. How To Crochet a Magnolia Free Pattern

image 113

For the free crochet pattern, Vist HERE