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Another collection of beautiful crochet headband and ear warmer free patterns for you to try out. Crochet headbands can be so easy and fun to make, the perfect crochet project for a beginner.

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None of the patterns shared below are mine, they are all done by beautiful crochet designers who shared their patterns for free. See which one looks best for you and give it a go. When you have, be sure to comment which ones were your favorite and how you are wearing it.

How to wear a crochet headband ear warmer

A crochet headband can serve so many purposes, but as the other name suggests, it keeps the ears warm. However, that is not the only reason a headband is made.

If you love to crochet or work with your hands and you have long hair that usually get’s in your way, a crochet headband can be a way to keep hair from your face.

If you pick a lightweight yarn to make your crochet headband, then you can use that for running, wear it and control that sweat around your head.

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Can i make a crochet headbad as a beginner?

If you are new to crochet, then this is the best crochet project for you to start with. A crochet headband is just you crocheting back and forth, depending on the pattern you are using. But a crochet headband or ear warmer is the perfect project for a beginner.

And the best part is, if feels good to wear your very own handmade crochet project.

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what size should my ear warmer be?

The size of your ear warmer will depend on the style and look you are going for. Some ear warmers can be thicker than others, depending on the purpose you want the ear warmer to serve.

If you are wondering how to measure a headband or ear warmer, then let the size chart below guide you.

Crochet headband size chart

BABY35 chains15”13”
TODDLER40 chains17”15”
CHILD55 chains19”17”
ADULT SMALL61 chains23”21”
ADULT LARGE70 chains 25”23”

The perfect yarn for crochet headband.

Depending on the purpose of the crochet headband, i would recommend you pick the yarn i am going to list below.

If you are making a crochet headband for style and to look good on a regular Tuesday, then any cotton worsted weight or DK weight yarn would do. If the pattern asks for a chunky yarn, then chunky yarn it is.

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Crochet Headband and Ear Warmers Free Patterns

BE sure to let me know which ones you loved the most.

1. Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer Headband

image 2 3

This easy abd beautiful crochet headband was made by Just Be Crafty. The pattern is so easy to follow and the result is just as beautiful.

For the free crochet pattern, read more here…

2. Free Beginner Friendly Crochet Ear warmer Headband Pattern

crochet headband and ear warmer pattern

For the beginner crocheters, this is your rochet headband project right here.

Very simple and beautifully textured, you will e done before you even know it.

For the free crochet pattern, Read more here…

3. Diamonds Ear warmer Free pattern

image 24

Feel like working on some beautiful textures? Well then give this crochet diamond headband a go. You will love the outcome for sure.

For the free crochet pattern, Read more here…

4. Free crochet headband Pattern

image 25

Another crochet headband by Bellacoco, so simple yet so stylish looking.

For the free crochet pattern, Read more here …

5. Courtey Twist Crochet Headband

image 26

Here is a crochet ear warmer that will perform it’s function and look cute at the same time. Make a crochet headband for yourself, and gift one as well.

For the free crochet pattern, Read more here…

6. Free crochet Hedband Pattern

image 2 21

Something small and simply beautiful. Added with a crochet flower, you will definitely love this. I recently posted a post on crochet flowers, why don’t you look through it to see what kind of crochet flower you might want to add to your crochet headband?

7. Crochet Headband Pattern

image 28

Have button? You can make this crochet easy headband. I recently md a crochet flower post, with a lot of flowers you can make, read more about it here

All you need is a 2″ button of your choice, and you have yourself this crochet headband

Love it? Read more here…

8. Cable Stitch Crochet Headband

image 29

Do not let the crochet cable work scare you, cables are actually easy to crochet. Give this crochet headband free pattern a go, and it will look so beautiful wrapped around your head

For the free crochet pattern, Read more here…

9. Headband Archives

crochet headband pattern

For the free crochet pattern, read more here…

10. Knot me up Headband Free pattern

image 33

Cute is an understatement for thois crochet headband. It has definitely made it to my to make crochet list.

Love the crochet headband?

Read more about it here..

11. Easy Textured Crochet Headband

image 34

One thing i love to my crochet work is the beautiful special crochet texture, and this crochet headband promises you just that.

For the free crochet headband pattern, read more here…

12. Free Crochet Headband Pattern

image 2 26

This crochet headband will have you believing it is knit. The beautiful crochet stitch used to achieve this crochet headband gives a final knitting look.

Love the crochet headband? 13. Twisted Crochet Headband

image 35

If warmth is what you are looking for in your crochet headband, this this headband promises you just that while giving you beauty along the way.

\Find the free crochet headband pattern here