5 Quick & Easy Crochet Trousers Pattern

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Are you looking for some easy crochet pants patterns? Well look no firther because i have you covered. I have collected a few easy crochet trousers patterns that i believe you will love of different designs. Keep reading.

I am a fan of crochet clothes. I love the idea of making yourself a whole crochet outfit, However, i have personally been stuck on the crochet sweaters and cardigans. I look forward to making some pant from these patterns myself!

crochet trousers patterns
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Easy Crochet Trousers For Beginners & More

These make a great outfit to wear on a day tyou really feel like wearing a me make. Or if you are looking for a sweat pants alternative, something that will allow your skin to breath while you are sat on the couch or moving around the house then this is the post you want to be reading!

But before we go any further, let us talk about the construction.

Crochet Trousers Construction

To make yourself a pair of crochet pants, the construction will depend on the type of trousers you are making. You could be making a crochet granny square trousers, or basic crochet trousers.

But even those could differ in construction depending on the pattern designer. So be sure to read the construction before you attempt to make the pattern. Assuming the construction was provided.

Can i crochet a trousers as a beginner?

Yes and No.

Yes you can if the pattern is very simple and calls for the basic crochet stitches, no i the pattern has some complicated decreasing and increasings. Including some cable crochet work. I have been crocheting for some years now and i still have not mastered the cables! I would practice my cochet cable skills before giving a cable project a go.

Supplies to make a crocheted pair of pants

  • Yarn– The weight will depend on the pattern you are using. But most likely you will be working with the DK weight yarn, or Worsted weight yarn.
  • Crochet hooks– These might be between 4.00mm – 6.00mm crochet hooks. I personally am obsessed with Furls cochet hooks
  • Other notations– You will be needing some darning needles, especially if you decide to work the granny square crochet pants. Scissors, and some accessories if the pattern calls for them.
  • A pattern, which i what i am going to be sharing wwith you down below. But be sure to check out our shop for patterns as low as $1.50

1. Patchwork Crochet Trousers

image 57

To make this granny square crochet trousers, the pattern calls for the following materials:

Dk weight yarn in a variety of different colours

-Edge colour yarn dk weight approx for each size xxs 400g xs 400g s 500g m 500g l 600g xl 600g xxl 700 xxxl 700g

These crochet trousers are gorgeous if granny squares are your thing. What i mostly love about these is the fact that they can fit most sizes as they tend to stretch, and they trousers style has a lot of give.

Pattern design by: Rainbow Dropz

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15crochet ornaments 5

2. Crochet Drawstring Pants

image 58

Here are someething i would personally to wear and snuggle up on the couch to Netflix or a crochet project, or both.

For my visual learners, this is a video tutorial. It comes with a PDF pattern on Etsy which you will find linked in the vieo tutoriel should you choose to make this!

Pattern designed by: TCDDIY

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image 59

3. Crochet Cozy Lounge Pants

image 60

These pats are screaming COMFORTTTT!!! to me! I love everything about them. I am sure someone has found their next crochet trousers project. The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn together with a 4.00mm crochet hook.

Pattern design by: I Love Tinder Box

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image 61

4. Crochet High Waist Cable Pants

image 62

Another one of TCDDIY’s crochet trousers designs. SImilar to the first, but these come with the cable work. I would not call this a beginner friendly project, unless you are really good with the cables, then give it a go.

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image 63

5. Crochet LOLLY Pants

image 64

This is a two in one kind of crochet pattern. If you want, you can aways stop at the crochet shorts. But, if you are still wating to make the pants, you continue to the lacy design.

These panrs are absolutely gorgeous. When i can, you will definitely catch me making my own pair. I see mine being in one solid colour though!

Pattern design by: MayaLuna

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image 65