Crochet Vegetables Free Pattern

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The best thing about crocheting is, you can crochet just about anything. Like these crochet vegetables, from beetroot, pears, carrots, crochet corn, eggplants you name it.

Looking to make some crochet fruits and vegetables for decor or, for the kids to play with, then this website will become your favourite.

If you would like some crochet patterns for $1.5, then i got you covered!

crochet vegetables pattern

Crochet Vegetables & Fruits Pattern

crochet vegetaables amigutumi patterns

These make a great play time toys for kids, or really great home decor. Or if you are looking for a keychain alternative, something that will allow you to stand out from everyon else, make yourself an amigurumi keychain.

But before we go any further, let us talk about the materials you will need to crochet your amigurumis.

Materials For Crochet Vegetables

Since crocheting vegetables and fruits is pretty much just like crocheting any amigurumi , the materials for them will be similar.

  • Yarn– Depending on the pattern you are following, the weight of yarn will differ. But it will most definitely be between DK weight yarn and a worsted weight yarn.
  • Crochet hooks- Following the category 3 and category 4 year weights, you will be needing a few crochet hooks ranging from 4.00mm-6.00m crochet hooks.
  • Stuffing- The most comonly used stuffind is the Poly-fil. assuming the pattern you are using calls for it. If you are crocheting on a budget and you habe some yarn left over in the crochet vegetable you are making, then the same colour yarn does the trick. Just like i did with the crocet strawberry.
  • Other notions- You will need some eyes, if the pattern calls for them. Scissors, yarn needle to close and stitch markers.

Tips for crocheting fruits and vegetables

If you are new to crocheting amigurumis, then you want to focus on crochet patterns that are simple and straight forward. Go for crochet patterns that do not have too much increasing and decreasing and also, use the basic crochet stitches.

I find it best to scheme through the crochet pattern to avoid the most common crochet mistakes as you go, and also to see what added skills you might need to learn before you attemot the pattern.

Crochet Vegetables & Fruits Amigurumi Patterns

Let me know which ones you loved and attempted!

1. Perfect Crochet Carrot: Free Amigurumi Pattern

image 67

I love to begin simple and work my way up. If you are new to crochet amigurumi patterns, then this might be where you want to start. You will do a few increasing and decreasing, but it should not be too much for you!

If you are a pro when it omes to crocheting amigurumis, then carrot away!

Pattern design by: Nea

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image 68

2. Scallion Crochet Pattern

image 69

This scallion crochet pattern is a quick, beginner friendly pattern, that uses minimal supplies!

You will be done before you know it!

Pattern design by: The turtle truck

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image 70

3. Farm Market Crochet Veggies

image 71

Feel like crocheting a whole markets vegetables? Then this vegetable crochet pattern might be the one for you! From crochet mashrooms to a whole crochet ccabbage!

Pattern was done by: Lisa

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image 72

4. Crochet Raddish, Carrot and Pea Applique

image 73

If you are not up for stuffed crochet amigurumis, then there is an alternative which is this crochet vegetables applique pattern.

It is fast and does not call for much. Pattern design is by: Olena

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image 74

5. Eggplant Crochet Pattern

image 75

Here is another beginner crochet amigurumi vegetable pattern. With a few decreases and increases, you will have yourself a crochet eggplant amigurumi pattern!

The pattern design was by The turtle truck

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image 76

6. Crochet Leek Pattern

image 77

This amigurumi leek is a quick, beginner friendly pattern, that uses minimal supplies! This pattern is available for FREE or you can follow along with the video tutorial that comes with this crochet vegetable pattern.

Pattern design by: The Turtle Trunk

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image 78

I hope that you found your crochet vegetable pattern and you are on your wa to make it! If not, that is fine, next time should do it!

Whatever pattern you chose, be sure to comment down below so that we can appreciate your next project!

Now What? Crochet Vegetables Free pattern

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That is all the crochet vegetable patterns i could share with you! They are all free crochet vegetable patterns!