10 Crochet Doll House

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If you love to crochet amigurumis, then a crochet doll house is a must make for the colour loving crafters. This crochet project will not only make a great crochet gift but it will be a lovely crochet project for you.

how to crochet a doll house free pattern
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Crochet PDF Pattern Anyone?

Before we go any further, i would love to interest you in a collection of different crochet patterns for as low as $1.50. Head over HERE and pick yours!

How To Crochet A Doll House

I know some might be wondering , how is yarn going to hold up as a house, a doll house. Ever since i saw a crochet doll house post on FaceBook, i knew i wanted to try make one.

But problem is, i do not have anyone to gift it to that would love is as much, but that does not stop me from sharing with a a few of the very cute crochet doll houses i found. Maybe you can make one and make a few people happy.

If you have a crochet amigurumi collection, then the doll house might be a great idea. These crochet doll houses come in so many designs and styles, i am so excited to share each and everyone with you.

But before we do that, if you are thinking of making a crochet doll house yourself, then it is best you have access to the materials first!

Materials To Make A Crochet Toy House

  1. You may need a piece of plastic/ old gift card or cardboard to give the house shape
  2. Crochet yarn– the pattern will tell you the exact yarn weight to use, some will even tell you the brand. But if you are looking to purchase some yarn, then head on HERE!
  3. Crochet hook– You may find yourself using different size crochet hooks across your project, so get yourself a crochet hook set HERE. I love Furls crochet hooks, they are ergonomic and just beautiful.
  4. Stuffing– This may not apply to all the crochet doll house patterns, but you are better safe than sorry
  5. Other notations– To complete this you will need: Yarn needle, a pair of sharp scissors, buttons maybe and stitch markers.

Crochet A doll House Patterns

Now i will be honest with you. Finding a doll house pattern has been a hustle. Most especially because there is not much of them out there. Especially the free crochet patterns.

So i went above and beyond, Etsy and Ravelry to see some crochet doll house patterns so i could share with you guys!

1. Crochet Animal House

image 44

As much as we are trying to focus on crochet doll houses, this one is just beautiful to make! Substitute the wall colours and add some flower applique, and you have made yourself a crochet doll house!

Pattern design by: Lau Loves Crochet at $4.41

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image 45

2. Crochet Fairy Doll House

crochet doll house

Here is another crochet garden fairy doll house that is beautiful. Made with a lot of beautiful colours your children will love to play with this doll house. It is another paid PDF pattern i must say, but for $3.05, you get to make this beautiful project that does not even call for a lot of yarn!

The pattern is in two languages making it even better. And English is one of those! The pattern design is by: Gipsy Queen Von Tanja

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image 47

3. Portable Crochet Doll House

image 48

This crochet pattern will be loved by the little girls! They can bring their favourite Disney princess into the doll house and add their favourite accessories to it to! If you already know how to crochet a doll, then this might be the perfect combination too!

This is another Etsy crochet pattern! For only $6.99, you get to put a smile on a girls face!

Pattern design by: Connies’s Spot

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image 49

4. The Take Away Doll House

image 50

After you see the pattern design i am sure you understand why the owner called it the take away crochet doll house! I was unable to locate the crochet pattern!, but i am sure some edits have been made or the pattern has been produced. Follow more on the doll house HERE.

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image 51

5. Crochet Toy Pattern (Emma & Her Doll House)

image 52

This, without saying much is a very quick and easy crochet doll house project. Small and portable. You can carry it with you on the go. And it will not ask for too much room. Pattern is available for $7.

Pattern design by: Pink Mouse Boutique

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image 53

6. Crochet Caravan Pattern

image 54

This will sure keep the little ones busy and playing for a while with its wheels and luggage. They can plan a whole trip! The pattern is available on Ravelry for $5.15

The pattrtn design is by: Kwannie Cheng

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image 55

That is all the close to crochet doll houses i could find to share with you today! As i said, there really is not a lot of them out there. If you are very good at designing and crocheting, be sure to make your own crochet doll house pattern and share it to all of us!

I had a great time going through all these crochet houses, i hope you found a pattern you loved, if not, next time should do it!

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