5 ways to avoid pain when crocheting

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Recently as i was reading through the FaceBook group, i saw a post from one of the makers who had a clot in the arm. I was so scared when i saw it because it definitely was not the first time i ever heard of it. So there are some crafters who suffer crochet injuries.

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I went in to research to see how i can best avoid crochet injuries, because i cannot imagine being told to leave my hooks. The thought is cray cray. Most times i will feel a nerve pull in my arm as i crochet and that just means i am overdoing it and i need to slow down. I don’t listen to my body obviously, i just stretch the arm and continue which is a BAD idea, don’t do what i do. Rather, do the following……

tip #1: Listen to your body

When the body tells you it’s tired, Listen to it. Stop and leave the crochet hook. Go and make a cup of tea, go get some fresh air or read a book. Just let the arms rest for an hour or 2. The hooks will always be there, your arms won’t if you don’t take care of them LOL. I know i said i don’t stop but you don’t want to do what i do.

When you feel a pull in the arm, you can slow down and massage the arm gently to avoid pulling the nerves. If this does not stop then you might want to put the crochet hooks down and drink that cup of tea.

Note, i am not a medical professional in any way, the tips i am giving are what works for me.

tip #2: Crochet in bits

Instead of spending the entire day crocheting, try working for an hour and then let your arms rest. I honestly crochet hours and hours on end, but that is all about to change, i know for sure we can suffer serious crochet injuries and i would not wish that on any crocheter. Crocheting is therapeutic.

Teach your mind to work 60 minutes and take a break. In that period your body is having time to recover and your mind refreshing so you don’t skip any stitches

tip #3 Choose the right hooks

Some crochet hooks are pleasing to the eye but hurtful to the arms. Pick the correct hooks to avoid pains. Picking a larger hook will prove to be more friendly to your hand. I find myself stabbing myself when i use the tiny crochet hooks (1.00 mm) . It is so hurtful plus holding that hook is a hustle.

tip # 4 stretch

Before you pick that crochet hook, stretch properly. stretch the back and the arms, stretch the neck. And while you crochet, be sure to stop for a stretch. The crochet injuries are real. Let’s save our arms while we can.

tip #5 good lighting

Never attempt to crochet in dim lights. I wear glasses so i always need good lights to see properly. Dim lights means you have to force your eyes to see which is too much stress for the poor eyes.

Find a great chair with good lighting. The day light is best, but if you are like me, who works 8-5, then you only have the night time to crochet. So have a special corner in the house that receives good lighting and crochet away. Don’t forget to stretch before you start to crochet.

These are the few crochet tips i had for you to help you avoid crochet pain and eventually injury. Do not sleep on these tips, practice them and share with a crochet sister or brother.

Until next time, Happy crafting.