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Winter is lovely when you have yourself some warm clothes. So, why not make yourself or someone this crochet turtle neck sweater using this free crochet pattern!

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Crochet Turtleneck Sweater Pattern / Crochet PDF Pattern/ image 1

Crochet Turtle Neck Sweater

Somebody please tell me why this is the very first crochet turtle neck pattern i ever made. The pattern has been swimming in my head and it was abiut time it was made. The satisfaction on my face after i tried it on was amazing.

Crochet Turtleneck Sweater Pattern / Crochet PDF Pattern/ image 2

You know that moment when the design in your head actually matches the outcome. I felt that when i was done with this crochet turtle neck sweater!!!! The yarn was a gift, and so i thought i’d gift you all with a free written pattern available in 9 sizes! It made me happy, so i would love to share the happiness.

The moment this design came to mind, i dropped the crochet crop sweater i was making and got started on this. You know the crochet struggles of having so many projects on your hook.

Crochet Turtleneck Sweater Pattern / Crochet PDF Pattern/ image 5

A printable PDF Pattern is available, be sure to get that while the discount lasts. When you have made your crochet turtle neck sweater, be sure to share the pictures in the Facebook group or tag us on Instagram

The fun part about this crochet  turtle neck sweater is that it can be easily adjusted to different sizes and a whole different design if you may. Not a fan of turtle neck? That’s fine, just chain less stitches for the neck part, as simple as that

Crochet Turtleneck Sweater Pattern / Crochet PDF Pattern/ image 3

This pattern is an for the intermediate beginner, but if you are good are following instructions, then i guess the beginners can give it a go. Just be very comfortable with the increases and decreases. Be sure you do not miss a stitch too as this pattern is strict on the numbers.

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Easy Crochet Turtle Neck Sweater Free Pattern


For this crochet turtle neck sweater pattern, i used the #3 DK weight yarn

Yarn needle


Stitch Markers

4.5 mm crochet hook

Note: These materials contain affiliate links for which i make a small commission. It is at no extra cost to you, makes the shopping easier and helps me keep the lights on

Yarn needed

Size XS- 7.5 balls of yarn
Size S- 8.5 balls of yarn
Size M- 10 balls of yarn
Size L- 11.5 balls of yarn
Size XL- 13 balls of yarn
Size 2XL- 15 balls of yarn
Size 3XL- 16.5 balls of yarn
Size 4XL- 17.5 balls of yarn
Size 5XL- 19 balls of yarn

Note that there will be some yarn left over. Better safe than sorry

stitches used ( US Terminology)

Ch- Chain
SC- Single crochet
Hdslst- Half double slip stitch
Slst- Slip stitch
Bl- Back loop

guage: 12 hdslst in 10 rows= 4″

skill level

Intermediate Beginner


The pattern is worked in the back loop only

This pattern is worked from side to side so form one arm to the other and not bottom upwards

The pattern starts by making the turtle neck then we connect the rest of the body to the turtkeneck.

The sleeves are worked on the sweater to reduce sewing as i hate the sewing with a passion



This part can be to your desired length. Chain more or less if you wilsh

Row 1: Ch 41(41,41,41,47,47,47,47,51) into the second st from the hook, slst. Slst all the way down and ch 1 and turn.
Row 2: slst into the back loops only into all the stitches.
Repeat rows 1-2 till rows 60(60,80,80,120,120,140,140,160)
Untitled design 26
You will notice that there are stitch markers on the colar, after you have finished your rows, ch 1 and work 1 sc into every row so at the end you should have 60(60,80,80,120,120,140,140,160) sc. do a ch 1 and cut

For size XS and S, Place your stitch marker into the 10th, 30th, 4oth,60th stitch

For size M and L, place your stitch marker in the 10th, 40th, 50th, 80th stitch

For size XL and 2XL place your stitch marker in the 20th, 60th, 80th, 120th stitch

For sizw 3XL and 4X, place your stitch marker in the 20th, 70th,90th, 140th stitch

For size 5XL place your stitch marker in the 20th, 80th,100th, 160th stitch


The crochet turtle neck sweater can be made longer or shorter depending on your liking, so you can make the chains here as long or short as you wish.

Row 1: Ch 61(61,71,71,81,81,91,91,101) sc into the first 10 st and place a stitch marker in the 10th st. Hdslst in the remaining st, incr in the last st by placing 2 hdslst in the same st.

Row 2: Ch 2 and turn, hdslst in the second st from the hook to mark as an increase for row 2.
NOTE: Work on the back loops only from here onwards.

Hdslst in the remining st till the stitch marker, sc in the last 10 st.

Repeat rows 1-2 till row 19(19,25,25,31,31,37,37,43) You should end at the top of your work.
Untitled design 27
Now connect the body to the colar with a slst. You will connect to the last stitch marker we placed which should be a space of 20(20,30,30,40,40,50,50,60) stitches.
Slst into the next sc to start the next row. You should have slst into 2 sc of the colar now.
We will do no more increases for the middle portion but rather work normal rows.

Turn your work and work downwards with the hdslst, switch to sc when you reach the stitch marker.
Repeat this till till you reach the next stitch marker of the collar
Untitled design 28
From here on we will start to decrease the same number of rows we increased on the opposite side.
Instead of connecting to the collar with a slst, we will ch 1, turn the work and do a decrease of two st together. So you will hdslst 2 together. Repeat this for the same number of rows you increased. 19(19,25,25,31,31,37,37,43)
Untitled design 29

At the end of the row, ch 1 and cut. Repeat this for the other middle portion leaving the shoulder portions untouched.

When you are done, connect the sides and close the collar using your yarn needle.

Connect the yarn at the under arm portion of where the sleeve should be, and place sc all around the arm. Be sure to keep the same number as rows we made. so for size small you should place 48 sc.,(48,60, 60,82,82, 94,94, 106)

Place a stitch marker at the centre of the shoulder stitches to indicate the middle of your sleeve. Place the stitch marker in sc number 5(5,5,5,10,10,10,10,10)

Untitled design 30

sleeve (Make 2)

For the sleeve, you want to make sure your sc ended back at the under arm section, you will slst into the forst sc you made, and make a ch of 61(61,81,81,121,121,141,141,161). Begin with sc into 10 st, place a stitch marker and hdslst into the remaining st. In the last st, make an increase of 2 hdslst in the same st. Slst to the next sc to connect the row, slst to the next sc to start a new row.

Turn your work, in the first st, increase by placing 2 hdslst together. Repeat these 2 rows, increasing at the top of the work for each rows till you reach the stitch marker.

Place your last increase in the stitch marker, from there, decrease. Decrease ny working 2 hdslst together.

We increase for half of the sleeve then decrease for the other half. Repeat this till your sleeve is done, connect the sleeve by sewing with your needle. Repeat this for the other side and your crochet turtleneck sweater pattern is almost  done. What’s left?

Cut off the excess yarn and weave in the ends. And your crochet turtle neck sweater pattern is all finito.

Go on and try it on, tell us what you think in the Facebook group!!! I do really hope you love your crochet turtle neck sweater.


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