Crochet Balaclava Free Pattern

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Looking for ways to stay toasty this winter with a crochet design? Well this list of crochet balaclava patterns will have you excited to grab a hook, a cup of coffee and be on your way!

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I have personally never made a crochet balaclava before, mainly because i have never had the reason to. I live in Malawi, it gets cold, but never cold enough for a balaclava, so i am excited to share with you something i hope will keep you warm for many winters to come! And since it is a quick make, be sure to make one for your friends and/or family.

crochet balaclava pattern
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Fast & Easy Crochet Balaclava Pattern

Since winter is in full swing, the best crochet project you can make that will keep your head, ears, and neck warm is this crochet balaclava. I am tempted to make one for the cold season here!

I will do my best to keep these crochet balaclava pattern free , but if i come across something i find super cute, i will share anyway, the choice to purchase will be yours even though if you do, it will be a great way of supporting the crochet designer.

How to crochet a balaclava

Depending on the pattern you decide to use, the construction will differ. Some patterns will be made of granny squares while others simple basic crochet stitches. The one you pick will be absolutely up to you, however, i would love to know the one you decide to make, so be sure to comment the one that won your heart!

Crochet balaclava supplies

This pattern can easily be a scrap yarn project, but if you need to catch up on your crochet supplies, then Most patterns suggest using cotton yarn in either a DK or worsted weight. Cotton yarn is easy for beginners to use, and gives your projects great stitch definition, too!

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Grab all yarn weights for your crochet project!

Don’t have cotton? Not a problem. You can use worsted-weight acrylic too.

y284 starlettegroup3 1800x1800

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When in search for crochet hooks, if you care for beauty and comfort, then Furls is your go to place. They have a variety of beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks you will definitely love!

capricorn square white

You could never have enough hooks!

Tips to crocheting balaclava

  • Read through the pattern– Before you begin crocheting, be sure to read the whole pattern to catch any new crochet stitches or tricks you might need to learn before hand
  • Make a gauge swatch– Never leave out the gauge swatch! Always follow the gauge the pattern gives if you want the final piece to look exactly like tat of the picture. If your gauge is different from the pattern, you can go up or down a hook size or change the yarn weight.
  • Have access to all the materials– Be sure to have access to all the materials that the crochet pattern is asking for.
  • Only change thing when you are sure– It is not a must that your crochet project should look 100% exactly like the pictures, you can play around with some yarn colour or a few other things but only do this when you are sure of what you are doing.

Easy Crochet Balaclava Pattern

1. Crochet Ribbed Balaclava Pattern

image 235

Stay toasty in this crochet balaclava for adults, from Red Heart Super Saver.

2. Cowl Crochet Pattern

image 236

Rachel designed this crochet cowl pattern, not exactly the balaclava, but it comes very close.

3. Emily Balaclava

image 237

Here is an interactive crochet paid pattern of crochet balaclava made with a ribbed slip stitch to look knit.

4. Crochet Balaclava Tutorial

image 238

If you prefer to watch than to read, then this pattern is for you! Watch this crochet balaclava tutorial

5. 8 Crochet balaclava patterns

image 239

If you are thinking of children’s crochet balaclava pattern, then this list of crochet balaclavas will steal your heart.

Found a crochet pattern you were looking for? i hope it keeps you warm this winter. If you did not find the patter you were looking for then i hope next time we share some crochet patterns you will find one that pleases you!

I will end it here for now! I hope to see you here next time i share some free crochet patterns.