25 Crochet Bralette Pattern Free

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Wearing a crochet bralette does not have to be in the summer time only. You can throw one on and wear a blazer. Go out looking stylish and unique. Today i am going to share with you a list of bralette patterns i believe you will not resist to make.

crochet bralette pattern

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In this article, we have put together some crochet bralette for every day wear that we strongly believe you will like. Some of the patterns are only YouTube tutorials while others are are free patterns. We will include some paid patterns too in case you would like to support the crochet designers

Crochet Bralette Patterns

Most of these bralettes will look great as a bikini top. So you have yourself a crochtet bikini top and bralette all in one. Like i said earlier, there are a lot of other was you can style your crochet handmade clothes to look stylish and unique!

Can a beginner crochet a bralette?

Crocheting a bralette is surprisingly easy, often involving the same stitches necessary for a simple scarf. The difference is that you’ll have to pay a little extra attention to counting stitches, but even this is a breeze when you get yourself a trusty set of stitch markers to guide the way.

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Keep your hooks organised!

Not only stylish but useful!

To add on that, some of the patterns i show just call for a few decreases and increases and you are good to go. Perfect project for a crochet beginner. If you are looking into making your first crochet wearable, or you have made one before but this might be your fist time crocheting a bralette. then keep a look out for the following tips:

Tips to crocheting a Bralette

  • Read through the pattern– Before you begin crocheting, be sure to read the whole pattern to catch any new crochet stitches or tricks you might need to learn before hand
  • Make a gauge swatch– Never leave out the gauge swatch! Always follow the gauge the pattern gives if you want the final piece to look exactly like tat of the picture. If your gauge is different from the pattern, you can go up or down a hook size or change the yarn weight.
  • Have access to all the materials– Be sure to have access to all the materials that the crochet pattern is asking for.
  • Only change thing when you are sure– It is not a must that your crochet project should look 100% exactly like the pictures, you can play around with some yarn colour or a few other things but only do this when you are sure of what you are doing.

Crochet Bralette Supplies

This pattern can easily be a scrap yarn project, but if you need to catch up on your crochet supplies, then Most patterns suggest using cotton yarn in either a DK or worsted weight. Cotton yarn is easy for beginners to use, and gives your projects great stitch definition, too!

Don’t have cotton? Not a problem. You can use worsted-weight acrylic too.

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Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn

When in search for crochet hooks, if you care for beauty and comfort, then Furls is your go to place. They have a variety of beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks you will definitely love!

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You could never have enough hooks!

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Crochet Bralette Pattern

Basic Bralette Tutorial

image 221

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2. Beginner crochet bralette

image 222

If you are looking for something simple and basic, then Janine has this beautiful crochet beginners bralette pattern for you! Catch the free crochet pattern on her website

3. Gilmore Bralette Pattern

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Here is another crochet bralette pattern you can pick from. This is not so much a beginners project, but, you can always try your luck as it comes with a well explained diagram of the bralette construction.

4. Halter top crochet pattern

image 226

Get o board with this simple crochet halter top pattern by Mjs Off the hook designs! This is such a beauty to behold and i just know you will have a great time making it and wearing it.

5. Beginner friendly crochet bralette tutorial

image 227

If you are a fan of YouTube tutorials, then you must have heard of TCDDIY and her lovely crochet tutorials.

6. 20 Classic crochet bralette pattern

image 228

To end off the list, i will leave you with these 20 crochet bralette patterns and tutorials that you will just love! Get the patterns HERE.