Crochet Jokes That Will Have You On The Floor

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Just because you crochet does not mean you cannot have a good laugh while at it. I guarantee to have you laughing soon with these crochet jokes. I know i did!

And if you find a joke you think is just so funny, you can always print it on shirt or your avourite mug cup and have a laugh each time you see it.

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crochet jokes that will have you on the floor

Crochet Jokes That will have keep you smiling

You know you’re a crafter when you search Pinterest more than Google

23 Hilarious Jokes That Only Crocheters Will Relate To

To crochet or not to crochet, that is the question… What a silly question. Now get me my crochet hook!

Crochet is a bit like being a magician… You mumble to yourself, wag a stick around, and no one has a clue how you do it!

I was going to do something important today… but I kept getting distracted by all the fun crochet projects!

Don’t question the size of my yarn stash… unless you think it needs to be BIGGER!

crAFTERSHOCK: the feeling one gets when they realise how much they spent on yarn

You know you’re a crafter when the first thing you pack for a holiday is your current project

Crocheting until I can’t lift my arms counts as exercise, right?

Laughter isn’t the best medicine, crochet is… It leaves you in stitches!

“I won’t buy any more yarn until I use everything I have at home,” I said. Then I laughed and laughed!

When it’s justified to buy more yarn: 5% Having a bad day, 5% You just got paid, 10% Needed for something you’re working on, 120% Just because!

Oh look, it’s crochet o’clock! (AKA any and all hours of the day)

Real life is really starting to interfere with my crocheting time

“I have all the yarn I need!” said no crocheter ever. Must have more!

Call me a romantic, but I like long walks together… down the craft aisle

Sometimes I feel sad… but then I remember that I have a GIANT YARN STASH waiting for me at home, and that cheers me right up!

Some days I amaze myself!… Others, I spend half an hour looking for the crochet hook I’m holding…

True friendship is helping someone to untangle their yarn

Yarn fills a special place in my heart… not to mention my bedroom, my living room, my cupboards, and basically everywhere I can hide it!

I’m a crochet-a-holic on the road to recovery

Croch-hey there.

What? My whole personality trait has become crocheting…? Crochet it ain’t so!

Tried to give up crochet for a little why, but suffice to say, I croch-hated it.

I started crochet just for fun but what can I say? Now I’m Hooked.

Mamma mia, here I go a-skein.

Another crochet project? Here we go a-skein.

Look, Afghan and made another thing.

Crochet can be a hilarious hobby. Look, I’m in stitches.

Hook out! Crazy crochet lady coming through.

No cro-shade, but I think I’ve found the best hobby in the world.

A life without crochet would be a real cro-shame.

Ya girl is Hooked and busy.

The past weekend has been a croch-haze to say the least.

I used to think crochet was just a little hobby but now I Yarn for it daily.

If you think I’m addicted to crochet, honestly, Yarn Knot wrong.

Me? Spending too much time on crochet? Back off, croch-hater.

So many hours crocheting and honestly, I’m starting to feel a little Loop-y.

Feeling a little Skein-dalous these days…

Hey, why are crochet people always so crazy? Well, they’re always a little loop-y.

Playing hooky today. Shh!

Hooking for inspiration in all the coziest places.

Hooked myself some alone time today.

Officially in crochet mode – if you need me, please Hook an appointment.

Now What?

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