Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern

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Love crocheting blankets? The you are definitely going to love this crochet cable blanket collection i have for you. Make one of these beautiful crochet cable blanket patterns for looking great on your couch.

With different colors of yarn, these crochet throw blanket patterns would fit anyone’s style. You can make a crocheted cable blanket for every season, and since they make the perfect gift, why not?

There are lots of different cable crochet blanket patterns to choose from. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next cable afghan crochet project.

crochet cable blanket

Crochet Cable Blankets

First time i saw the cable stitch, i was so sure it was knitting. I had no idea crochet hooks could make such a thing.

I will not lie, they are beautiful. Crochet cables give the crochet project a different professional finished look if you ask me. So look through the shared crochet cable blanket patterns and see which one you like, and get to working.

Materials For Crochet Cable Blanket

Working a blanket is not as different from other projects. However, you want to make sure to pick the correct yarn since the blanket will be in use for a very long time.


The pattern will tell you what yarn you are to use for your crochet afghan. What is more common is the worsted weight yarn. This yarn works up fairly fast and is thicker than some yarns which means it promises warmth. When making a blanket, you want it to be nice and warm. Shop some worsted weight yarn HERE.

Crochet hooks

Again, the pattern will specify the crochet hook size you need in order to make your crochet cable blanket.

If you are in the market for new crochet hooks, you might want to consider furls crochet hooks. They are gorgeous.


Finally, be sure to have the following crochet supplies at hand

  • Yarn needle- to weave in the ends after you are done crocheting your cable blanket
  • Stitch markers- because the crochet cables can be a little confusing at times
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors…etc

How to use a crochet cable blanket

The blanket doees not entirely have to serve the purpose. LOL

It can serve multiple purposes if you think about it.

If you are looking to add some more style to your house, then you can have the crochet blanket on the couch to bring a different look to your living room.

You can have the crochet blanket as a throw for movie time, or crochet time to keep the legs warm. Or, it can be a blanket for bed time.

It sure does make the perfect gift too.

Crochet Blanket Stitches

When it comes to stitches used to make a cable blanket, then you should be familiar with:

  • Double crochet
  • half double crochet
  • treble crochet

These are not completely beginner friendly stitches. However, if you are considering making a crochet cable blanket, i would definitely not recommend this for beginners. But if you learn very fast, give it a go.

Can I Crochet A Cable Blanket As A Beginner?

Yes and NO.

No because crochet cables can drive a human crazy. I know it nearly drove me crazy, till now i barely attempt cable projects. But my fears should not be yours..

I never gave cables enough time to master them, so do not listen to me. If you are a fast learner, watch a few crochet cable tutorials and be on your way.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you make crochet cables?

They’re made by skipping a set of stitches (usually two or three, depending on the stitch width of the cable), then crossing front and back post stitches to create that twisted effect. So once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun to make.

Do Cables Use More Yarn?

Cabled fabric is denser so it does require a bit more yarn. So be sure to stash a bit more yarn for your crochet cable projects.

Is Cable Stitches Hard?

Yes and No.

Depending on the type of crochet cables you are trying to make, it may be hard or easy. But if you are a quick learner, then the cable stitch should be easy peasy for you.

Crochet Cable Blanket Patterns

1. Caron Cable Crochet Blanket Pattern

image 27

This crochet cabled blanket is a timeless piece that enhances any home setting. The technique is deceptively simple, and works up to an impressive result using your favourite shades of Caron One Pound. Read more here…

2. Easy Beginner Cable Blanket Pattern

image 28

It’s only a fairly simple 2 row repeat and don’t take so much yarn like other cable blankets. It’s so easy that even a beginner can easily make it and it’s also a simple way to take your crochet skills to the next level! Read more …

3. Crochet Braided Cable Blanket Pattern

image 29

This is a combination of the lark’s foot track stitch and intertwining cable stitches.

Suggesting to use Caron One Pound, a crochet diagram is also available to assist you in stitch placement as well. read more…

4. Crochet Cable Blanket Pattern

image 30

Have you ever seen a cable crochet blanket pattern without any post stitches and lots of counting? This is it! It is a beginner-friendly design where the cable is made from chain stitches.

5. The Molly Cabled Blanket

image 31

This is just a beautiful looking crochet cable blanket that i am sure you are just going to love. For the free crochet pattern, read more…

6. Nancy Afghan Cable Blanket

image 32

This crochet cable blanket pattern is not free, if you do not mind spending $4 on a crochet pattern, then this one is the perfect one for you. Get pattern

7. Braided Cable Blanket

image 33

I love the change in colour with this crochet cable blanket. You do not have to do as they did, but it is a great variation from the other cable afghans we see. Beautiful.

For the free crochet pattern, read more…

8. Seraphim Celtic Cables Blanket Pattern

image 34

This interpretation of a classic Celtic Afghan is so magical! The color is mysterious and romantic, perfect for all the crocheters with an old soul. The afghan would look great on your porch or in the garden during relaxing warm evenings.

Skills: Intermediate Designer: Bernat Design Studio

Read more…

9. Celtic Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

image 35

There is something special, even magical about Celtic knots.  This afghan is a somewhat more ambitious, but still manageable, project that displays a set of three different Celtic knot stitches against a loosely stitched background.

This afghan is simply perfect for a forested deck or cottage patio, especially in warm, pale earth tones. However, you can step it up a notch, and use a colour palette to match any interior.

Skills: Upper beginner Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Read more…

10. Celtic Afghan Crochet Pattern

image 36

The Celtic Afghan – Version 1 is a crochet afghan pattern made with medium weight yarn that has a skill level of advanced. Read more…

11. Golden Waves Throw

image 37

Golden Waves Throw is a beautiful blanket that even a beginner can make with a little patience. Crochet cabled blanket worked with no Post Stitches? You heard that right! Read more…

12. Crochet Cable Afghan Pattern

image 38

Grab a good book and a cup of tea and wrap yourself in soft cozy comfort with the Hudson Afghan. The perfect blanket for those cold gray days.

Read more…

13. Crochet Blanket Pattern

image 39

This blanket design is a cozy cuddly motif that is quick to make and beautiful to display. The Irish tradition of Aran cabling decorates this blanket with the intertwining strands of history and elegance.

The bulky yarn used to make this blanket generates a heavy, warm result that is a perfect companion to a roaring fire and a hot chocolate. Read more…

14. Bernat Mock Cable Blanket

image 40

Indulge in the warmth of this crochet blanket, featured in Bernat Blanket Ombre. Read more…

15. Crochet Bulky Quick Cable Blanket

image 41

Mjsoffthehookdesigns has beautiful crochet patterns, i am sure you have seen a few. For this crochet cable blanket, read more here…

And so that was everything i had for you in this crochet cable blanket article. I sure hope you found yourself a crochet pattern you love. If you have, let us know which one in the comments.

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