crochet Love knot spring scarf pattern + tutorial

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Hi there,

It’s spring time and nothing feels right like a crochet love knot spring scarf.

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I really love how this crochet love knot spring scarf came out, and the love knot pattern might be a new fave for the spring. It would look nice on a sweater ot a cardigan too.

This crochet scarf will take you less thana day to make, and you can use some of the left over yarn as it only calls for 500 yards of yarn. Simple as it comes

There is a video tutorial available incase some of the instructions are not making a lot of sense.

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– we do not make chains to make but rather love knots

– The pattern has 1 size only


Yarn Needed

500 yards of DK weight yarn



 Ch- Chain

Sc- single crochet

Rep- Repeat



DK weight yarn 

4.5 crochet hook

Yarn needle 


Terminology: US

Level: Beginner

Gauge: 4 Love knots in 4 rows = 4X4

crochet pattern

ROW 1: Start with a ch 2, and sc in the second ch from the do the love or solomon’s knot, pull up a loop about an inch long and pull the yarn through. Then go into the knot and sc.

That is one love knot made.

To make another, pull up a loop, go into the loop with a sc.

You will need to make 12 loops or love knots.

ROW 2: To begin row number two, place a  sc in the forth love knot sc spot, then make 2 love knots, skip one sc spot and place a sc in the next sc spot, rep this till the end of the row.

ROW 3: Row 3 will be a repitition of the rest of the crochet spring scarf pattern, make 3 love knots and turn your work, into the 4th sc spot, place a sc, then make 2 love knots, skip one sc spot and place a sc in the next available sc.Rep this for the rest of the row.

Rep row 3 up to row 60 or your desired number of rows and your crochet spring scard is all done!!

I know you love it, it is very light and beautiful, above all, fun to make.

Weave in all the funny ends and that is it, you are all done!!