5 Men Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

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To find a men crochet sweater is not so difficult but rare. A lot of the crochet sweater patterns are made for the ladies, or can be unisex. So i have decided to put together 15 men crochet sweater free patterns.

image 43

These crochet sweater patterns comprise of different levels. You want to read through the crochet pattern to know if you can and should attempt to crochet the sweater.

This only applies for the beginners, if you are an advanced crocheter, then you can attempt any and every men crochet sweater pattern.

Easy Men Crochet Sweater Patterns

A lot of sweaters i see on women can easily be worn by men as the designs are unisex, however it is always great to have a special design special for the men.

Crochet tends to favor the dies. So in this article, i have put together 5 Men crochet sweater patterns that i find to be the top 5 of the ones i came across.

There are a lot more lovely crochet sweaters for men that i am still to discover, and i will, so stay tuned for that.

5 Men Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

1. Brentwood Men’s Pullover

image 38

I love the collar design on this crochet sweater for men. It gives a decent yet casual look to it.

This sweater can make a great gift for someone in your life. Keep someone warm this winter.

Free crochet pattern HERE.

2. Husband Approved Free Crochet Sweater Pattern

image 39

Here is a mens crochet V- neck sweater free pattern. I have always loved the V neck crochet sweaters, i plan on making a men sweater with a v neck design.

For the free pattern, click HERE

3. Men’s Simple Crochet Sweater Pattern

image 40

here is a simple crochet sweater for men. The stripes to the chest make the sweater stand out.

This men’s sweater can be attempted by the beginner crocheter.

For the free crochet pattern, CLICK HERE

4. Men’s Crochet Color block Sweater

image 41

This was my second crochet sweater ever made. I feel in love with the colours, and immediately i knew i had made a crochet unisex sweater. In 9 sizes.

For the free sweater pattern, CLICK HERE

5. Caron Adult Crochet Men’s Sweater

image 42

For the free crochet sweater pattern to this easy design, CLICK HERE.