sunny crochet summer top pattern+tutorial

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I promised everyone more crochet summer tops, and this weeks rochet sunny summer top delivers

This crochet pattern was supposed to be released last week but i was so busy and tied up with finalizing my last days at work, my contract ended, which means i am now surviving on the crochet patterns i sell on Etsy and the Affiliate commissions from the materials, so be sure to purchase where you can as it keeps the page rolling.

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Untitled design 97 1

It is a very simple two panel project, when you are done, nobody will believe how simple it was to make.

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video tutorial

crochet sunny summer top pattern

Terminology: US

Level: Intermediate Beginner

Sizes: XS-2XL

Gauge: 3 Drunken granny st X 6 rows = 4″


-This crochet pattern is made as US women’s sizes XS( S, M, L, XL, XXL )

-This crochet pattern is made in two panels ( Front and back panels are made the same except from the front neck area)

-This crochet summer top is made from the bottom up

-In this picture I have demonstrated with size small

-This crochet summer top is in a multiples of 5 + 4 ch

Yarn Needed

650( 720,780, 860, 920, 1,000,) Yards

Stitch Library

  • ch = chain

  • st = stitch(es)

  • dc = double crochet

  • sc = single crochet

  • sp = space

  • sk = skip

  • sl st = slip stitch

  • REP = repeat


DK weight Yarn

Stitch marker

4.5 mm crochet hook

Yarn needle



Back Panel


ROW 1:  Ch 54(59,69,79,89,99), sk 5 ch, place one drunken granny st into the next ch, (to do a drunken granny st, place 3 dh in one ch, ch2 then place one more dc in the same ch.) Sk 4 ch, in the next ch, place a drunken granny st, rep this till you are left with 3 ch, sk the 2 ch and in the last ch, place a dc. Ch 3 and turn


ROW 2: 1 Drunken granny st into each ch 2 sp across, end with 1 dc into the fifth ch that we sk on row 1.


ROW 3: Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 Drunken granny st into each ch 2 sp across, end with 1 dc into the third ch.

 Row 4- 25(30,35,40,45,50) rep row 3. For the back panel only!

Front Panel

Rep the rows of the front panel up until row 20(26,30,35,40,45), for these rows we aill begin to work the shoulder portion to create the neck area.

With your yarn on one side of the top, work 4(4,5,6,7,8) drunken granny st, then ch3 and turn, finish the remaining rows with the 4(4,5,6,7,8) drunken granny st. Rep this for the other side of the top.

This should create the neck opening for the lacy summer top.

Now lay the pieces on top of each other, measure around your arm and leave appropriate space for the arm hoe, then sew the shoulders closed and the sides with your crochet needle.

To make the ruffle sleeves, place a drunken granny st into the first ch3 space on the arm opening, into the next ch 3 space place 2 drunken granny st. Rep this alternating between one and two drunken granny square in the ch 3 spaces till you have gone all around your sleeve, for the second and last ruffle row, place normal drunken granny st in the ch 2 spaces. Rep this for the other side of the top too.

Ch 1 and cut the yarn, grab the yarn needle and weave in all the ends!


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