Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Hi there, ready to make your first crochet tote bag for the year? Well this will be the easiest crochet handbag pattern yet.

I know i said the same for the crochet ribbed beanie and the crochet shawl, but trust me, this is sooooo easy and repetitive and simple. As simple as they come literally

crochet tote bag
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Crochet Tote Bag Free Pattern

Before we go any further, this crochet tote bag has a printable PDF ($2) on Etsy and $0.90 on Ribblr incase you wish to purchase that and browse our other crochet PDF printable patterns,

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When i finish making a crochet item, i usually take it apart to reuse the yarn for future projects, it breaks my heart, but we got to do what we got to do to make the living right?

Until the business grows, i will keep my crochet projects and do give aways.

So as i was saying, i take projects apart to re- use the yarn, well not in this case, the crochet tote bag for beginners is currently used as my yarn storage.

I have lot of yarn balls in there as the yarn i used is very stretchy. We will definitely look into better yarn storage in the future

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The crochet tote bag can be a great carrier of yarn when going to the park and you cannot leave your crochet at home, but during this time of year, not many people are going to the park as it is cold in some countries.

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How to crochet a tote bag

Easy, this is oing to be a one day crochet project. To crochet a tote bag, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Start by crocheting the base of the bag. You will do this in whatever manner the crochet pattern asks for.
  • Step 2: Them, you will work the body of the tote bah.
  • Step 3: Work the straps or bag handles if you will crochet thesm on the bag
  • Sttep 4: Cut off any excess yarn and weave in the ends.

Can i crochet a tote bag as a beginenr?


This bag is worked using the single crochet. It is a beginner friendly crochet stitch.

Stitches used in crochet tote bags

There are a variety of crochet stitches that you can use to crochet your bag. You can not use any stitch, as you want the bag to have some hold. Howeer, this will depend if you decide to give it a linning. In this case, a lacy stitch would be fine. Oterwise, basic stitches used for tote bags are:

  • Single crochet– Just like this tote bag uses. the single crochet is a tight stitch, ebven without a linning, you will not lose items from your bag
  • Half double crochet- This stitch is also another secure stitch, with this, you can trust your belongings to be safe, however it does have moer stretch than the single crochet stitch.
  • Herrignbone stitch– This is another beautiful crochet stitch used to work a tote bag. It is not beginner friendly, but can be with enough practice.

The crochet tote was designed to be in one color, but i happened to run out, s be sure to purchase the 2 balls of 100g yarn, do not make my mistake. But the mistake happened to be a cute one right? I love it!

The crochet tote bag free pattern for beginners

Let’s get intp the pattern shall we? 

good to know

• This pattern can be easily adjusted to a bigger size or smaller size of your liking, just follow the instructions.

 • The bag is worked in the round.

 • The finished work measured 12” side to side, 10.5” along.



skill level

Absolute Beginner


• 13 rows in 4”,12 st in 4”


• 2 balls of 100g worsted weight yarn 

 5.00 mm hook

Yarn needle

5 stitch markers
Measuring tape

Crochet tote bag free pattern

R1 Ch 22, palce 5 dc in third ch from hook, dc till the end leaving One ch at the end. In last ch, place 6 dc. Proceed to work on the other side of the work( see picture below), at the end. sl st to join.

Screenshot 2022 01 06 18.51.49
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NOTE: Place stitch markers in the first and 6th st we increases on both ends of our work to avoid confusion.

R2: Ch2 in same st place a dc, place 2 cd in the next 5 dc. We will be increasing in the 6 st at the end. Place 1 dc in every ch till you have the last set of increase at the end. Place 2 dc in each of the 6 st, then place 1 dc in the remaining st. sl st to join at the end. At the end of row 2, you should have 12 st at the ends of your work.

 R3: ch2, in same st place a dc. In the next place 1 dc, the next 2dc. Repeat for the increase areas.

Screenshot 2022 01 06 18.53.58
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R4: ch 1 Go around your work placing sl st.

Screenshot 2022 01 06 18.55.30
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R5: Ch1, sc all around. Sl st to join. 

R5-R22 Change colors (OPTIONAL), place sc. 

R23-30- lay your work down and locate where you want the handles to be. Place them 12 st apart. Sc around as normal. When you reach the st marker, ch 30 and connect with the other st marker. Repeat for the other st marker

Screenshot 2022 01 06 18.57.23
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R31-34 Work rows of sc 4 rounds, slst and cut.

And yout work is all DONE!!!!

I hope you loved this tutorials. Happy new year, Stay blessed!

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