Crochet Daisy Blanket Pattern

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If you are a lover of daisies, then the crochet daisy blanket will knock you off your feet. I know it did with me. But sadly, i have no pattience for the granny squares, but i will not let that stop me from sharing you these beautiful crochet blanket patterns.

crochet daisy blanket patterns

Crochet Daisy Blanket

If you have some yarn laying around and you feel like embarking on a crochet blanket journey, then you might want to consider the daisy crochet granny square blankets.

It will not be a quick project, let me tell you that. Which might be why i have not attempted to crochet one this far.

How to crochet a daisy blanket

Crocheting a daisy blanket is just like crocheting any other granny square project. Only that you make this one look like a daisy with the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Start by making the yellow daisy centre of the flowe, this is done by making a mahig loop and placing the required number of double crochet or half double crochet. You can work this for one or two rows depending on how big you want the granny squares to be. Cut off the yarn
  • STEP 2: – Join a white yarn or any other colour of your choicr and work the petals. This is usually a row of double crochet.
  • STEP 3: – Finish the square, cut the yarn and repeat for many other granny squares!
  • STEP 4: Once you have your desired number of squares, join them all
  • STEP 5:– Work a border, and your crochet daisy blanekt is all done!

Can i crochet a Daisy granny squre as a beginner?


If you are uncomfortable with the crochet daisy granny square, then take this short course and come right back.

If you are comfortable with basic crochet stitches, then crocheting a granny square couldn’t be easier.

Supplies for a crochet daisy blanket

To crochet the blanket, be sure to have access to the following:

  • Yarn– You want to have multiple colours of yarn ( Depending on how many colours you want your granny square blanket to have)
  • Crochet hook– The pattern you are following will tell you the size crochet hook you should have
  • Yarn needle– A must have, especially at the end of your crochet project to connect the million granny squares.
  • Scissors– To cut the yarn after every row.

Crochet Daisy Blanket Pattern

Go through the list of blankets, and pick out one that you love and get started on the crochet journey. Be sure to let us know which one ou picled

1. Red Heart Daisy Garden Blanket

image 126

This blanket uses super saver yarn, so it will be done on a budget and will work up rather fast. You can get the Ad-Free printable PDF for free available at Yarnspirations

2. Daisy Crochet Blanket

image 127

Here is another gorgeous blanket. Made with simple crochet stitches. his piece was designed by YouSayICrochet. And can be found on Ribblr.

3. Flower Fairy Blanket

image 128

May not be daisies, but you can agree this blaket is beautiful! Designed by Nadia Moule, you will love it!

4. Daisy Granny Square Blanaket

image 129

This one is simply just a beauty. The granny squares look rather big meaning you should be done before ou know it. As i am seeing more and more of these, the more i am tempted to make my very own! This blanket was designed by CuteAlly.

5. Daisy Afghan Crochet Pattern

image 130

Another gorgeous piece! This daisy blanket was designed by Maggie Weldon Designs.

6. Crochet Daisy Blanket Afghan

image 131

This is definitely not made for warmth, but it definitely look like a beautiful crochet project to give a try. Designed by Marifu.

7. Pretty Pink Daisies Blanket

image 132

This gorgeous blanket ws designed by Story Blanket.

And that is all! As you have noticed, there are not that many free crochet daisy blankets! They are all paid PDF patterns! And i love to share the free crochet patterns! So until i can get you the free patterns, we will call it a day here!

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