Hello Kitty Hat Crochet Pattern

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Are you looking for your new favourite Hello Kitty Hat Crochet pattern? Today, we’re excited to share this comprehensive list of the best crochet hello kitty hats and beanie patterns.

These free patterns are beautifully designed and suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters. All of these hats look great, so find your favourite pattern now!

hello kitty hat crochet pattern

Favourite Hello Kitty Hat Crochet Patterns

Crochet hats and beanies are easy to make and will keep you warm all winter long! Crocheting a hat is not only fun, but it can also be very rewarding – especially when you find a fun new pattern to try, and when the hat is a hello kitty design, it makes it even better.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of free (and a few paid) hello kitty hat crochet patterns that we know you’ll love. I selected these particular patterns because they are some of my favourite crochet hat and beanie patterns.

All of these hat patterns are suitable for confident beginners. If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my crochet for beginner’s course for free and individual crochet stitch tutorials for more guidance.

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Best Yarn For Crochet Hello Kitty Hats

To crochet these beanie hat patterns, you’ll need some yarn. The crochet hat patterns in this list use a range of yarn weights, from fingering weight to super-bulky weight yarn.

When shopping for yarn, I like to look for soft acrylic yarn or washable wool-blend yarn. Some of my favourite acrylic yarns are Brava Worsted yarn.

Screenshot 2023 08 23 13.54.51

Brave Worsted

$3.99/100g skein

Mighty Stitch yarn. And some of my favourite wool yarns are Swish Worsted and Wool of the Andes Worsted.

My Favourite Crochet Hooks

And, of course, you’ll need a crochet hook. My favourite crochet hooks are ergonomic crochet hooks from Clover. They are suitable for beginners, and are very easy to use.

We also love these beautiful wooden crochet hooks from Furls. We find them very comfortable and easy to work with!

Wooden Crochet Hooks

How to measure for Hello kitty hat crochet pattern

Are you giving a crochet hello kitty hat or beanie as a gift? You’ll need to know what size to make before you start crocheting.

If at all possible, it’s best to measure the circumference of the intended recipient’s head. Then, you can reference the pattern to figure out what size to make.

Depending on the pattern, you may be able to adjust the length or “slouchiness” of your beanie.

For more sizing information, please read the crochet hat size chart below. (This chart references the Craft Yarn Council’s industry guidelines for pattern designers.)

SizeHead Circumference (inches)Hat Height (inches)
0-3 Months14-155-5.5
3-6 Months15-165.5-6
6-12 Months16-186-6.5
Toddler (1-3)18-206.5-7
Child (3-10)19-217-7.5
Preteen (10-12)20-227.5-8
Teen/Adult S21.5-22.58-8.5
Adult M/L22.5-248.5-9
Adult XL24-259-9.5

Please note that these measurements are approximate and can vary depending on the gauge of your yarn and your personal tension while crocheting. It’s always a good idea to measure the hat against the intended wearer’s head for a custom fit.

Easy Hello Kitty Hat Crochet Patterns

Why don’t you look through this list of hello kitty hat crochet patterns and see which one stands out the most to you then get crocheting!

1. Nerdy Glasses Hello Kitty Hat Crochet Pattern

image 132

Grab the free crochet pattern HERE.

2. Hello Kitty Cat Ears Pattern

crochet hello kitty hat free pattern

Grab the free crochet hello kitty hat pattern HERE.

3. Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

image 135

Here is another free hello kitty crochet hat pattern. Read it HERE.

4. Beginner Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

image 136

Grab the free pattern HERE.

5. Hello Kitty Bucket Hat Pattern

image 137

Enquire about this beautiful bucket hat hello kitty pattern HERE.

6. White Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

image 138

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

Caring For Your Hello Kitty Crochet Hat Pattern

To ensure your Hello Kitty hat stands the test of time, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand Wash: To prevent deformation and color bleeding, hand wash your hat in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Gentle Handling: Avoid stretching or tugging on the crocheted fabric. Gently reshape the hat after washing.
  • Air Dry: Lay the hat flat on a towel to air dry. Avoid wringing out excess water.
  • Storage: Store your hat in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent fading

All done with your new fun hello kitty crochet hat pattern. I hope you love the outcome!