1 Hour Crochet Bag Free Pattern

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Looking for s new loved crochet bag pattern? Well then look no further because you have found just the one! This crochet bag pattern is a must have for this year and season!

It took me under an hour to make and i loved every bit of it. This week has been a lot of fast and yarn friendly projects for me! and My crochet hook is clear of projects!

Crochet bag pattern  Crochet handbag pattern Crochet purse image 6

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Be sure to comment below what you think of the pattern and the colour you are making your crochet bag in!

Easy Crochet Bag Pattern

Nothing makes an outfit compete like a bag does, if the bag is a me made crochet bag then it gives it extra class and gives you extra confidence! We all need that extra push!

Crochet bag pattern  Crochet handbag pattern Crochet purse image 1

The right hand bag or crochet purse spices up the outfit, and the great thing about this pattern is, you can make this crochet bag pattern into a Crochet hook case. You can use it to stall all your crochet supplies in there.

Untitled design 2022 04 13T183503.637

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Worsted weight yarn

4.00mm crochet hook

yarn needle


stitch marker

purse chain

Good To Know

-This crochet bag is worked using the single crochet which will be named sc throughout the pattern.

-The divisions are made by doing a chain of one and turning.

-It is greatly advised to watch the youtube tutorial as you are sewing the bag together so everything fits in place.

-Chain one does not count as a stitch


Ch- Chain

Sc- single crochet

Rep- repeat

Cont- Continue

 Easy Crochet Bag pattern

To begin working out crochet bag, grab the worsted weight yarn and make a ch of 76,


ROW1: sc in the second ch from the hook, into the back bump of the ch only, ch1 and turn

ROW2: sc in all the stitches till end of the row

ROW3: sc in all the stitches till end of row, ch1 and turn. Rep this till row 10

After the 10th row, leave a stitch marker in the 25th stitch.

Untitled design 2022 04 13T183032.998

Cont with the sc, end in the last stith before the stitch marker, ch one and turn.

Rep this for another 10 rows.

Untitled design 2022 04 13T183135.623

Just as we did earlier, we will cont with the sc, but in the last stitch before the stitch marker, ch 1 and turn, cont with the sc for 30 rows, then ch 1 and cut.

Untitled design 2022 04 13T183228.212

Now it is time to form the bag.


Begin by folding the smallest block to lay on top of the middle block. Sew the open end and the middle to make the credit card pocket divisions. Then fold the middle block to lay on the biggest block, just fold it the opposite way you folded the smaller block.

Close all the open ends of the bag, to finalise it all, fold10 rows of the 30 biggest block and sew all the sides ad the middle if you wish. Your bag is almost complete, weave in the ends, and add on the golden bag hooks, or if you prefer without, leave it without.

Your crochet bag should be looking like:

Untitled design 2022 04 13T183406.561

I hope you loved this crochet bag pattern !

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