Kais Mosaic Blanket Crochet Pattern


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Hi fellow crocheters, feel like making crochet blanket today?
Well i have this beautiful double border crochet mosaic blanket pattern.

If comes with a crochet mosaic video tutorial for the visual learner, so you can check out sitncrochet on YouTube.

Let’s talk about this crochet blanket pattern

How to read a crochet mosaic:

mosaic crochet chart is read from right to left for each row. Rows are worked in alternating colours, as indicated on the left column.

The entire row is worked in the colour stated. Ignore the colours displayed in each box; this shows how the pattern will loo.

you will not change colour throughout a row. A blank box indicates you will work a sc in the blo. A box marked with an X indicates working a drop-down double crochet.

Work a single crochet through both loops for the first and last stitch of a row. When working mosaic crochet in rows, you will cut the yarn at the end of every row.

Crochet blanket Gauge
14 sts and 15 rows equal to 4″ with 5.0mm crochet hook in sc back loop only

worsted weight yarn
5mm crochet hook
6mm crochet hook


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