Crochet Flower Top Pattern

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If you find beauty in flowers and would like to have yourself a handmade crochet flower top, then you are at the right place. I have put together a collection of beautiful crochet flower tops that i believe you will love! Keep reading.

crochet flower top pattern

Adorable Crochet Flower Top Patterns

Crochet flower tops make such beautiful and colourful crochet clothing. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic, or something playful and colourful, you’re sure to find a pattern that you love in this collection.

Choosing the Perfect Pattern

Why settle for a store-bought flower top when you can make your own in the perfect colour, style, and size? In the list below, you’ll find a variety of crochet flower top patterns.

  • Tops worked int he round
  • Granny square flower crochet tops
  • Puff stitches all brought together

While some of the patterns in this collection may be better suited to intermediate or advanced crocheters, many are also suitable for beginning crocheters who are familiar with basic crochet stitches and simple increases.

Types of crochet flower tops

I cannot limit the crochet flower top designs, however, i can give you a heads up , especially for the beginners for what kind of patterns to look out for.

There are some stitches that give a flower appearance, these tops are worked in one piece, and usually in one solid colour, these stitches may not be the best for an absolute beginner, however, you can always make a crochet gauge swatch to practice on until you master the stitch to take on a bigger crochet project.

Some patterns will make a lot of colourful crochet flowers and then connect them together as you would a granny square project.

And finally. some patterns will make a daisy granny square, small or larger, and connect them to make a crochet flower top. All these crochet patterns are beautiful, you can pick which one you prefer to make.

What to look out for in a pattern as a beginner

Stitches used

If the stitches used are mode advanced, then it is best to not attempt the crochet pattern. Sometimes the stitches used are a combination of the basic crochet stitches, to make it look more complex, but if the combination is confusing you, then it is best to stick to the simple beginner friend crochet stitches like the half double crochet stitch.

Follow gauge

Be sure to follow the pattern gauge to get the exact same finish like that in the photo. If you are unsure of what a gauge is or how to work one, then be sure to learn the beginners guide to gauge swatch.

Access to all materials

Be sure to use all the materials mentioned in the crochet pattern and use them the way they are described in the crochet pattern. If you feel like changing a few things, then let the yarn be it. If you change too much, then you might end up confusing yourself.

Yarn weight

Thicker yarn is easier to work with unlike finer yarn. So for a beginner, make sure you are focusing on crochet patterns that are working with yarns between DK weight to chunky yarn. Plus, many of the patterns use worsted weight and bulky yarn, so they’ll work up relatively quickly.

Supplies for Crocheting Sandals

Here’s what you’ll need to crochet a flower top.


Your crochet top pattern will give you instructions for the correct yarn weight, and often recommend a specific yarn. For your convenience, I am going to give you my personal yarn preferences.

You can substitute yarns, but make sure to choose one that is a similar weight and fiber content. This will help you achieve the correct gauge, and ensure that your flower top has a similar drape to the one in the pattern photos.

Remember, whether you use the recommended yarn or not, it’s crucial to make a gauge swatch to make sure you’re on the right track.

How much yarn will you need? Depending on the size of your crochet flower top, you want to make, or how many crochet tops you are making, the size will vary.

For small- medium size crochet top, 2-3 skeins of yarn will be more than enough. Don’t worry; your pattern will let you know how much is necessary. Check out this Caron yarn or Lion brand yarn.


You’ll also need a crochet hook in the appropriate size. Again, your pattern will give you these details. Then, make a gauge swatch. After making your swatch, you’ll know whether you need to size up or down.

And, if you’re using a different yarn than the one specified in the pattern, you may need to adjust your hook size to meet the gauge.


In addition to yarn and a crochet hook, you’ll need a few other supplies before you get started on your new crochet flower top.

  • Tape measure. A tape measure or ruler will help you take your gauge, check your finished dimensions, and make sure that your case is the right size.
  • Stitch markers will come in handy for marking your place as you work, especially if you’re working on a larger project.
  • Scissors to cut your yarn.
  • A tapestry needle is necessary to weave in ends and seam your finished piece together. If you are making a lot of little flowers, then you will definitely need your yarn needle close to connect them all together.

Cute & Adorable Crochet Flower Top Patterns

1. Crochet Colourful Flower Top

image 123

The designer of this crochet flower top sure does love flowers! You could never have enough flowers right? This pattern will definitely ask you to wear something under neath if you would like to keep things private.

But you do not have to stop at that, by the looks of the pattern, they made a mesh stitch top, then the crochet flowers separately and just sew them onto the top. You can always make yourself a solid crochet top, then add the flowers on.

Pattern design by: Ergahandmade

2. Handmade Flower Top Tutorial

image 124

For all my visual learner friends, let’s gather here. If you are not so big on crochet patterns, then this YouTube tutorial might be the one for you. It is a simple crochet top with some flowers added onto it. The tutorial can be found HERE

3. Dogwood Top Free Crochet Patterns

image 126

Oh, the dogwood flower motif is so charming! All the romantic souls will certainly be drawn to it. If you like wearing lacy tops in the summertime, this one by Amelia Makes is a must-have in your collection, without a doubt. What color will you go for? We stand by the author’s choice!

Level: upper beginner Author: Amelia Makes

4. Crochet Summer Flower Top

image 127

Here is he granny square top i was talking about! If you are a beginner, and you would like to make yourself a crochet flower top, then this might be the best place to start! Grab the pattern on shareapattern.

5. Crochet Flower Top

image 128

For those who do not mind spending a few dollars, here is a crochet flower top PDF Pattern available for $7.84. Buying a crochet pattern is a great way of supporting the crochet designers. It really makes us happy and helps us keep designing the crochet patterns you love!

6. Boohoo style crochet flower top pattern

image 129

Another paid PDF pattern you will love! Available for $5.07.

7. The crochet wildflower top pattern

image 130

Ge the PDF pattern on Etsy

That is all the crochet flower top patterns i had for you today! If you really loved this, please let us know in the comment! And be sure to comment which pattern you have chosen to make. If you did not find a pattern that best suits you, that is absolutely fine too! Next time should do it.

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