10 Crochet Christmas Gnome Patterns

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If you are looking for a quick crochet project, then crochet Christmas gnomes are the must makes for you. Using minimal yarn and basic crochet stitches, you will have your gnome ornaments, decorations done before you know it.

In this article, we have collected several Christmas gnomes that will look great onthe door, on the tree and anywhere you want to shine the Christmas spirits.

crochet christmas gnome
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Easy Crochet Christmas Gnomes

If you’re like me, your crocheting plans are influenced by the season (or sometimes, what season you wish it could be). For this crochet gnome pattern collection, I’ve focused on the upcoming Christmas season. Because they are easy to work, you will be done before you even know it.

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, and slip stitch(sl st) before you start these adorable patterns.

How to crochet a Christmas gnome

To crochet a gnome, you will need to have access to a crochet pattern, unless you want to DIY the whole crochet project.

Secondly, you want to have access to some poly-fil to fill it yuo since you are making an amigurumi.

Finally, follow all the crochet steps to make your crochet christmas gnome, fill it up with the poly-fil , close it up , weave in the ends and you are about all done!

Can i crochet a gnome as a beginner?

If you are comfortable with some basic crochet stitches and notions, then please go ahead. You need to be comfortable with how to increase, decrease rows. Sometimes, work tapestry crochet.

If you are absolute beginner to crochet, be sure to check out this crochet course: How to crochet for beginners 101. It should have you well on your way to increasing, decreasing, weaving in ends.

Best Yarn For Crochet Gnomes

If you want the best out of your crochet project, you want to be sure that the yarn you use is also of the best quality. Do not worry, the yarn needed to crochet gnome is not much, depending on the size of your crochet Christmas gnome. Otherwise, it can be a scrap yarn project.

Lion brand has lovely yarn you can pick from

Mary maxim is making lovely good quality yarn, if you hve not tried them, be sure to do so.

Finally, Caron Simply soft yarn is a must use for great quality crochet projects.

Best Crochet Hooks For Christmas Gnome

The crochet hook size will be recommended by the crochet pattern you are following. Be sure to make a gauge swatch to see if you should use the recommended hook size. If not, then go up or down a size to match the gauge.

Crochet Christmas Gnome Patterns

Go through the list, and let us know which one stood out for you.

1. Crochet Christmas Tree Gnome

image 84

Here is a crochet christmas tree gnome that you will love. you can hang it in your car, by the window or even on the tree. Find the pattern HERE.

2. Santa Clause Gnome

image 85

Although it’s in the tradition of Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, these Santa munchkins are definitely their own creation. Indeed, these two decorative amis will be a wonderful touch to a Christmas mantlepiece or table. These cute little gnomes will really make your home ready for Christmas!

Designer: Lindsey Dale. For the crochet pattern, head over here

3. Christmas Gnome

image 86

Scandinavian-style gnomes are often seen around Christmas time, but you could easily keep these cute little guys up on the mantle all year round. It’s fun to decorate your crochet gnomes for the different seasons. For instance, you could add a flower applique for spring or a pumpkin applique for fall. 

Designer: Hanjan Crochet

Click here for the free pattern!

4. Crochet Christmas Gnome

image 87

The pattern includes a description of two gnomes. Santa Clause gnome and gnome in a hat «Christmas tree».

The full crochet pattern consists of 23/24 pages of the detailed, step-by-step description in the pdf format.

It contains 46 high-quality photos.

The size of the ready toy is 9,84 inch (25 cm) together with a hat.

The level of complexity of the pattern is easy….Read more…

5. Scandinavian Crochet Christmas Gnome

image 88

This adorable Scandinavian Santa Gnome in the pictures above was made by ChiWei Ranck and it’s simply the sweetest little huggable friend to crochet for Christmas. It’s going to be the cutest gift for your family and friends, or just a cool piece of decor, that will last you for years to come!

Designer: ChiWei Ranck

Get the pattern here…

6. Christmas Crochet Gnome Pattern

image 89

The festive season isn’t complete without these little crochet gnomes to watch over and join in the fun with you. The cute Christmas crochet gnome pattern is super simple, beginner friendly and great for yarn stash busting. Add a little button nose and a fluffy beard and you’re done!

Go for a traditional Scandi Christmas crochet Santa or jazz them up and make them unique for this years Elf on the Shelf, the choice is yours. Worked in the amigurumi crochet method, in both UK and US crochet terms. Read more…

7. Danish Christmas Gnome

image 90

I’m absolutely in love with Nordic and Scandinavian decor, aren’t you? Well, crocheting these gnomes is a fantastic opportunity to be simply enchanted with how simple and magical this decor is! Like for instance these cute gnomes in the pictures below, they will be the best windowsill decoration and happily meet your guests!

Designer: Maria La Larga

Get the pattern here

8. Christmas Tree Crochet Gnome

image 91

This is the crochet pattern for a Christmas Tree gnome / Christmas gnome / amigurumi gnome pattern
The crochet pattern is easy to follow and comes with very detailed photo instructions, which makes the pattern also suitable for crochet beginners and fun for advanced crocheters. Read more…

9. Crochet Gnome

image 92

Get the crochet pattern here

10. Christmas Gnome

image 93

So how cute are these tiny fellows by Vira Velmozhna in the pictures below? Just look at their tangled white beards! Make a whole squad of the gnomes, leave some of them for yourself and send the rest to your friends and family in order to spread the Christmas spirit everywhere.

Designer: Vira Velmozhna

Get the free pattern here

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crochet christmas gnome patterns

What Now?

Pin this post: Save this tutorial to your Pinterest boards so that you can come back to it later.

Leave a comment: We love to hear your feedback. Tell me in the comments below!

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