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One commonly asked question when it comes to crocheting imagery work is what is the difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet? The two look so much the same.

as much as they look so alike, they have a lot of differences which will be discussed below together with how tapestry and mosaic crochet are similar.

If you have not tried tapestry and/ or mosaic crochet, then i would definitely suggest you give them a go, there is a joy mosaic crochet projects give when you are all done and dusted.

difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet
Free mosaic crochet pattern

What is Mosaic Crochet?

Mosaic crochet is a way of creating a beautiful intricate pattern all done by interchanging between the single crochet (SC) and double crochet (DC) all US terms.

Each row is worked in a single colour and at the end of each row, the yarn is cut, the work is not turned to begin a new row but rather you work from the right to the left with each row.

The entire crochet mosaic project only uses two colours.

difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet

What Is Tapestry Crochet?

Tapestry crochet is another way of crocheting that is similar to mosaic yet different in so many ways. Tapestry crochet can call fr multiple colour yarn s in one crochet project.

When working a tapestry crochet project, you work all the colours of a row at once, carrying the unused colours of a stitch through the bottom legs of the stitch, much like with weaving in if you use that method.

the difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet

The difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet

The difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet can be best understood in form of a graph below:

1Ends the row with a chain of 2 and cutting the yarnEnds the row with a chain on one and turning the work
2Uses one colour per rowCan use multiple colours per row
32 colours used alternate each rowMore than two colours can be shown in each row
4Mosaic uses CS and DCAny stitch can be used
5Works in the back loop only combined with a drop down DCWorks in both loops
6Pattern is only visible in the frontPattern is visible in both the front and back
7Leaves a lot of loose ends when finishedLeaves clean edges when finished

The similarities between tapestry and mosaic crochet

As much as mosaic crochet and tapestry crochet hold a lot of differences, they also have some similarities.

  • Use more than one colour
  • Very beautiful
  • Require a graph to work

Is Tapestry Crochet Easier Than Mosaic Crochet?

The answer to this is not a one size fits all, but rather depends on the people who have had experience with both crochet tapestry and mosaic.

If you know how to crochet a tapestry, which is very easy, then learning to crochet mosaic cannot be any different.

How To Do Tapestry Crochet

Tapestry crochet like said earlier, calls for multiple colours of yarn. When working a tapestry crochet project, you follow a graph or a crochet written pattern, you chain the number required then change colours according to the crochet graph.

At the end of each row, you will chain one, assuming you are working with the single crochet stitch (US terms), in scenarios where one row calls for multiple colours, then you are expected to work over the other yarns.

image 15

How To Do Mosaic Crochet

Working a crochet mosaic project calls for a mosaic graph always.

ROW 1: You begin by making a chain in multiples of the pattern, work a single crochet row, chain two and cut.

ROW 2: Chain 2 with the second colour, sc into both loops for the first stitch, single crochet into the back loops of the rest of the stitches but the last, single crochet into both loops. chain 2 and cut the yarn

ROW 3: Go back to the first colour, chain 2, normal single crochet into the first stitch, then follow the graph. When you come across a “X”, make a drop down double crochet. Proceed to the end of the row where you chain 2 and cut the yarn.

The pattern continues in such manners til you have your desired length.

Best Yarn For Crochet Tapestry And Mosaic

In my experience of crochet mosaic projects, the best yarns for the projects are a worsted weight yarn. Lionbrand 24/7 Cotton yarn is the perfect yarn for a mosaic and tapestry project.

When is comes to the difference between tapestry and mosaic crochet, this is all i had for you. Be sure to comment where i might have missed out on a point or two.

And be sure to share!


  1. Good tutorial, but not quite correct. The Nya Mosaic blanket you have pictured does not cut the yarn at the end of each row, though some mosaic crochet patterns do. With the Nya pattern, you work one color for a row, turn your work, work the second row and drop that color and pick up the other color and work two rows. You never cut the yarn. It carries up one side Many other mosaic patterns do call for cutting the yarn at the end of each row, but not the Nya pattern.

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