Beginner Crochet Colour Block Sweater Free pattern & tutorial

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Looking for a new sweater that screams style and warmth? look no further than this free crochet colour block sweater patter! If the pattern is a bit hard to understand, remember it comes with a video tutorial you can f ind when you read down the pattern!

crochet colour block sweater pattern

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Free Crochet Colour Block Sweater Pattern

I enjoy working with colours, this was an experiment that came out so well!! I Love the finished result, who would say no to a crochet colour block sweater pattern? Throw on some jeans or a skirt and you will own the streets!!

The fit is not perfect as it is on the larger size, so if you find yourself in between sizes, be sure to use the smaller size. So if you are in between medium and extra large, use the medium size.

The pattern uses a half double slip stitch to give the knitted look finish which i am obsessed with. But, as it turns out, the half double slip stitch is not very popular. The video below shows how to work the half double slip stitch without stress.


To work the crochet colour block sweater, you will need a few supplies to get you started on the journey! The supplies are affiliate links meaning you will be helping me keep the lights on when you purchase at no added cost to you! Thank you! 

Now back to your crochet colour block sweater supplies

Yarn -DK weight yarn 300 yards  ( considering that the sweater uses 3 colors, the number of balls for each color will be specified below)

4.00 crochet hook

Stitch markers


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amount of yarn needed for a crochet colour block sweater

blue 4(45,6,7,8,8,9,9)

Black 1(1,1,2,2,2,3,3,4)

grey 2(2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4)

There will be some yarn left over, but it is better safe  than sorry. Also considering tension is different, you can never be sure how much yarn is enough .

CROCHET SWEATER PATTERN Crochet Colour-Block Sweater image 5

crochet colour block sweater sizes

XS- 32-34” bust

S- 34-36” bust

L- 38-40″

3XL- 44-46″


guage : 12 hdslst in 10 rows= 4”

terminology: US

Level of difficulty: Intermediate


ch- chain

st- stitch

sc- single crochet

slst- slip stitch

hdslst- half double slip stitch

decr- decrease

incr- increase

blo- back loop only

good to know

The time of the video tutorial and writing of the free pattern are different, the free pattern for the crochet colour block sweater includes 9 sizes and there are slight changes especially on the chaining. The video will tell you to chain 2 where as the written pattern will ask for a chain on 1. any way is fine.

On the decreasing of rows, the video will tell you to skip on chain where as the free pattern explains to hdslst 2 chains together.


CROCHET SWEATER PATTERN Crochet Colour-Block Sweater image 8

With the blue yarn, ch 30(35,40,45,45,50,50,55,55) connect the black yarn with and ch another 30(35,40,45,45,50,50,55,55). to begin the row, ch1 and turn, hdslst all the way down till one more ch of black, switch the color accordingly. at the en d of the row. slst in the last 10 st. ch 1 and turn, slst in the back loop only of the first 10 st and continue with the hdslst also in the back loop changing colors as normal.

see video below for demonstration of how to do a hdslst and change colors

Work a total of 4(6,8,10,10,12,12,14,14) but at the end of the row, place an increase of 2 hdslst in the same st. this will count as your first incr. incr for a total of 5(5,7,9,9,11,11,13,13) rows, you should end at the top of your work.

To get started on the shoulder portion, ch 13,(,15,17,17,19,19,21,21,23), turn your work and work normal rows for the shoulder portion. work a total of 5(,7,9,9,11,11,,13,13,15) rows. leave a st marker on st number 3(5,5,5,5,,7,7,7,7)


The row should have ended at the bottom. we are now about to start working the decrease part to form the neck arc.

work up but leave 2 st before the st marker and work a hdslst into 2 st tog to make our first decr. ch 1 and turn. Work a hdslst into 2 st tog to make another decr.

Decrease for a total of 6(8,10,12,12,14,14,16,16) rows this should end at the bottom of your work.

we are about to work the mid portion of our work that has no incr or decr. so we work normal rows. but since we are working a crochet color block sweater, we need to change colors. so, we will work a total of 16(16,18,18,20,20,22,22,24) rows but we need to change colors in between. so work 8(8,9,9,10,10,11,11,12) rows in the blue and black, and finish the last 8(8,9,9,10,10,11,11,12) in the grey. You should end at the bottom of your work again.

We are now going to start witht the incr of the other side, so incr 6(8,10,12,12,14,14,16,16) rows. you will end at the bottom, so work one normal row up where you will not incr in the last st. But at the end of this row. ch 13,(,15,17,17,19,19,21,21,23) for the shoulder portion, turn your work and hdslst normal rows for a total of 5(7,9,9,11,11,13,13,15) rows. You should have ended at the bottom.

place a st marker in the 13,(,15,17,17,19,19,21,21,23) st and decr a total of  5(5,7,9,9,11,11,13,13) rows followed by 3(5,7,8,8,11,11,13,13) normal rows. Ch 1 and cut

back panel

The back panel will be worked exactly as the fron minus the in between decr and incr. so follow the front panel pattern but ignore the decr and incr that happen between the shoulder portions. ( Watch the video tutorial for further assistance)

To connect ,Lay the 2 panels on top of each other and be sure the front portion is on top. connect the shoulder portion and the sides with your yarn needle.

sleeves (make 2)

Grab your blue yarn, and work around the arm placing a sc in each hdslst row. slst to connect with the first sc you made. ch 60(63,68,73,73,78,78,83,83) the first 10 ch, work slst and finish the rest with the hdslst. when you reach the arm opening, connect your row with a slst to the sc around the arm hole. to start a new row, slst into the next available sc. rep this till the whole arm is done and close with your yarn needle. rep this for the other arm


To finally finish off our crochet color block sweater pattern, we will do as we did with the arm opening. connect your yarn at the shoulder portion and work a foundation row of sc. slst to join the first sc you made. ch 11, slst going down into 10 ch. when you reach the last ch, slst into the next available sc to connect the row. To start a new row, slst into the next available sc and rep. working into the blo. at the end connect the collar with your yarn needle.

Voila!!! You are all done. And i just know you love it!!!!

Leave a comment telling us the colour you made your crochet colour block sweater pattern in.