25 Crochet Summer Hat Patterns

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If you are in search of a lovely crochet summer hat pattern, then you have come just to the right place. In this article, we have put together 25 summer hat crochet patterns that we know you will love.

As the sun shines brightly and temperatures rise, it’s time to embrace the spirit of summer while staying fashionable and protected. One of the must-have accessories for the season is a crochet summer hat.

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How to crochet a summer hat

Combining style and functionality, a crochet summer hat not only adds flair to your outfit but also shields you from the sun’s harmful rays. In this article, we’ll explore how to crochet a summer hat and provide you with free and paid crochet patterns to get you started on your crafting journey.

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Gather your supplies

To start your crochet summer hat journey, you’ll need a few essential materials. Gather a crochet hook suitable for the yarn you’ve chosen,  and, of course, yarn in colors that reflect the vibrant spirit of the sunhat pattern you have chosen.

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$2.99 a ball!

Can beginners crochet summer hats?


Beginners can definitely crochet sunhats. While some hat patterns may be more intricate and suited for experienced crocheters, there are plenty of beginner-friendly patterns available that will guide you through the process step-by-step.

These patterns often use basic stitches and techniques, making them accessible for those new to crochet. With practice and patience, you’ll be able to create beautiful sunhats in no time.

Stitches & Techniques To Crochet Summer Hats

  1. Chain Stitch (ch): The chain stitch is the foundation of most crochet projects. It creates a row of interconnected loops.
  2. Slip Stitch (sl st): The slip stitch is used to join stitches together or create a seamless round.
  3. Single Crochet (sc): This stitch is commonly used for creating tight, sturdy fabric. It involves inserting the hook into a stitch, yarn over, and pulling through both loops on the hook.
  4. Half Double Crochet (hdc): This stitch is taller than a single crochet but shorter than a double crochet. It provides a nice balance between height and tightness.
  5. Double Crochet (dc): The double crochet stitch is taller than a single crochet and is great for creating an open and lacy fabric.
  6. Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc) and Back Post Double Crochet (BPdc): These are special stitches used to create ribbing or textured effects on the hat’s brim.
  7. Increasing and Decreasing: Depending on the pattern, you may need to increase (add stitches) or decrease (remove stitches) to shape the crown or brim of the hat.

Remember, practicing these stitches beforehand will help you become familiar with the techniques and ensure a smoother crocheting experience. Don’t be afraid to consult video tutorials or crochet stitch guides if you need additional assistance.

By utilising these crochet stitches and techniques, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your summer hat crochet project. Enjoy the process of creating a stylish and functional accessory that will accompany you on sunny adventures!

How to care for a summer hat

Caring for your summer hat properly will help maintain its shape, durability, and overall appearance. Here are some tips on how to care for a summer hat:

  1. Handling and Storage:
    • When handling your hat, try to touch it with clean hands to avoid transferring dirt or oils.
    • Avoid gripping the hat by the crown, as this can cause it to lose its shape. Instead, handle it by the brim or use both hands to support it.
  2. Cleaning:
    • Check the care instructions specific to your hat’s material. Some hats may be hand-washable, while others may require spot cleaning or professional cleaning.
    • If your hat is washable, gently hand wash it using mild soap or a hat cleaning solution. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
    • For spot cleaning, use a clean cloth or sponge and a mild detergent or hat cleaning spray. Dab the stained area gently, being careful not to saturate the material.
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage the hat’s fabric or color.
  3. Drying:
    • After cleaning, reshape the hat while it is still damp to restore its original shape. Use your hands or place it on a hat form or a similar object that matches the desired shape.
    • Allow the hat to air dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Placing it in direct sunlight can cause the hat to fade or warp.
  4. Storage:
    • Store your summer hat in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew or mold growth.
    • To maintain its shape, place the hat on a hat stand or stuff it with tissue paper or clean, soft fabric to support the crown and brim.
    • If your hat has a brim that can be folded, be careful not to leave it folded for extended periods, as it may cause creases or distortions.
  5. Protection:
    • To protect your hat from dust, dirt, and moisture when not in use, consider storing it in a hat box or a breathable bag.
    • When wearing your hat outdoors, be cautious in windy conditions. Hold onto the brim or secure the hat with a chin strap to prevent it from blowing away.

By following these care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your summer hat and keep it looking fresh and stylish throughout the season.

25 Crochet Summer Hat Patterns

Grab the crochet summer hat pattern you like from the list below.

1. Crochet summer hat

image 87

If you are a lover of something simple and classy while serving its purpose, grab this crochet summer hat pattern HERE.

2. Summer Sunhat Crochet Pattern

image 89

For the easy sunhat crochet pattern you can make in multiple sizes and colours, grab the crochet summer hat free pattern HERE.

3. Free crochet summer hat pattern

image 90

This cute sunhat crochet pattern can be found HERE.

4. Blissful summer hat crochet pattern

crochet summer hat free pattern

Grab the free summer hat crochet pattern HERE.

5. Floppy sunhat crochet pattern

image 92

For the free crochet sunhat pattern, head HERE.

6. Crochet sun straw hat free pattern

image 93

For the free pattern, make your way HERE.

7. Crochet Bucket Hat Free Pattern

image 94

Here is one of our own makes. If you are a fun of the bucket hats, then you will love this crochet summer hat pattern HERE.

8. Simple lace brim sun hat free croc het pattern

image 95

Grab the free crochet summer hat HERE

9. Crochet beach sunhat pattern

image 96

Grab the free crochet summer hat pattern HERE.

10. Crochet checker-ed summer hat pattern

image 97

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

11. Weeping willow crochet summer hat pattern

image 98

Grab the crochet free pattern HERE.

12. Fedora Crochet summer hat free pattern

image 99

For the free crochet pattern, head HERE.

13. Crochet sunhat free pattern

image 100

For the free crochet pattern, head HERE.

14. Crochet wide brim summer hat free pattern

image 101

Grab the free pattern HERE.

15. Crochet Raffia Hat Pattern

image 102

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

16. Crochet Summer Hat Pattern

image 103

For this beauty, grab the paid pattern HERE.

17. Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

image 105

Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

18. Crochet Wide Brim Sunhat Pattern

image 106

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

19. Crochet Granny Square Summer hat pattern

image 107

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

20. Crochet sunhat pattern

image 108

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

21. Crochet Bucket Hat

image 109

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

22. Crochet Hat Pattern

simple crochet summer hat

Grab the pattern HERE.

23. Crochet Summer hat pattern

summer hat crochet pattern

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

24. Raffia Sun Hat Crochet Pattern

crochet summer hat

Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

25. Easy Bucket Hat Pattern

image 113

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

I hope you found a hat pattern you loved and are willing to make. If not, better luck next time.

How to style a summer hat

Styling a summer hat can add a touch of flair and elevate your overall look. Here are some tips on how to style a summer hat:

  1. Beach Casual:
    • Pair a wide-brimmed floppy hat with a flowing maxi dress, a lightweight cover-up, or a swimsuit for a chic beach look.
    • Complete the outfit with sandals, oversized sunglasses, and a straw tote for a relaxed and effortless vibe.
  2. Bohemian Vibes:
    • Combine a crochet or woven sunhat with a flowy bohemian dress, a peasant top, or a printed maxi skirt.
    • Layer on some beaded or layered necklaces, fringed accessories, and comfortable sandals to enhance the boho aesthetic.
  3. Urban Chic:
    • Opt for a stylish fedora or a structured straw hat to create a fashionable city ensemble.
    • Pair it with a tailored blazer, a crisp white shirt, high-waisted shorts, or cropped trousers.
    • Complete the look with statement sunglasses, a crossbody bag, and wedges or loafers for a sophisticated urban style.
  4. Outdoor Adventures:
    • Choose a functional yet stylish hat like a wide-brimmed safari hat or a packable hat for outdoor activities.
    • Pair it with activewear, such as leggings, a moisture-wicking top, and hiking boots for a sporty and practical look.
    • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear comfortable accessories like a backpack and sunglasses.
  5. Resort Glam:
    • Opt for a glamorous oversized sunhat or a wide-brimmed straw hat for a resort-inspired look.
    • Pair it with a flowing maxi dress, a swimsuit cover-up, or a breezy jumpsuit.
    • Accessorize with oversized sunglasses, statement earrings, a straw bag, and wedge sandals to exude vacation glamour.

Remember, the key to styling a summer hat is to find a balance between functionality and fashion. Choose a hat that complements your face shape and personal style. Experiment with different outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to create unique looks that showcase your individuality. Ultimately, confidence is the key to pulling off any hat style, so wear it with pride and enjoy the sun in style!