15 Minimalist Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

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In the market for some cute crochet home decor? Well, no need to buy anything when you can DIY you own crochet wall hanging. In this article we are going to focus son the minimalist homes! A little goes a long way!

Simple crochet wall hangings can bring so much life to a room! When you keep it minimal, it gives class and style! Make a wall hanging for each room in the house! They look great in place of a headboard too!

minimalist crochet wall hanging patterns

Easy Crochet Wall Hangings Pattern

As i always say before i start sharing a crochet pattern, i will do my best to keep this list full of free crochet wall hangings only, but, when i come across a cute paid wall hanging pattern, i will not be able to resist!

Can i crochet a wall hanging as a beginner?

If you are comfortable with crocheting straight edges, and tapestry crochet then you you have found your next crochet project. This will be just the one for you!

Plus, many of the patterns use worsted weight and bulky yarn, so they’ll work up relatively quickly.

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Tips to crocheting your first wall hanging

If you are relatively new to crocheting and you are eager to crochet this wall hanging pattern, then keep a look out for a few things!

Yarn size

Go for patterns that are working with a relatively larger yarn because they are easier for you to see and not skip a stitch. Avoid any patterns that use yarn smaller than a DK weight yarn. Hard to see, and it will take long to finish.

Gauge swatch

Always always try out the gauge before you give the actual crochet pattern a try . You want to make sure your tension is the same as that of the pattern designers so the outcome is the same as the pictures!

Read through the pattern

Before you attempt the pattern, scheme through it first to see if there are any new stitches or skills you might need to learn before hand.

Supplies for Crocheting Wall Hangings

Here’s what you’ll need to crochet a wall hanging.


Your crochet home decor pattern will give you instructions for the correct yarn weight, and often recommend a specific yarn. For your convenience, I am going to give you my personal yarn preferences.

You can substitute yarns, but make sure to choose one that is a similar weight and fiber content. This will help you achieve the correct gauge, and ensure that your crochet projects have a similar drape to the one in the pattern photos.

Remember, whether you use the recommended yarn or not, it’s crucial to make a gauge swatch to make sure you’re on the right track.

How much yarn will you need? Depending on the size of your wall hanging decor you want to make, or how many crochet wall hangings you are making, the size will vary.

For small- medium sized crochet decor, one skein of yarn will be more than enough. Don’t worry; your pattern will let you know how much is necessary. Check out this Caron yarn or Lion brand yarn.


You’ll also need a crochet hook in the appropriate size. Again, your pattern will give you these details. Then, make a gauge swatch. After making your swatch, you’ll know whether you need to size up or down.

And, if you’re using a different yarn than the one specified in the pattern, you may need to adjust your hook size to meet the gauge.


In addition to yarn and a crochet hook, you’ll need a few other supplies before you get started on your new crochet wall hanging.

  • Tape measure. A tape measure or ruler will help you take your gauge, check your finished dimensions, and make sure that your crochet wall hanging is the right size.
  • Stitch markers will come in handy for marking your place as you work, especially if you’re working on a larger project.
  • Scissors to cut your yarn.
  • A tapestry needle is necessary to weave in ends and seam your finished wall hanging together.

Crochet Minimalist Wall Hanging Patterns

1. Fast & Easy Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

crochet wall hanging

To begin, we have this very fast , under 5 hours crochet wall hanging tutorial. This tutorial is worked using two colour yarn, with it’s simple beauty. Hang it in your room, or over the bed to bring some class to the room!

Watch the crochet tutorial HERE

2. Mini Fern Valley Wall Hanging Pattern

image 153

Play around with some colours on this crochet pattern, or use everything s the designer did, get the pattern HERE

3. Boho Stitch Sampler Wall Hanging

image 154

Here is another beautiful minimalist crochet wall hanging designed by Sarah, made with simple crochet stitches, you will be done before you know it!

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image 155

4. Mini MaCrochet Boho Wall Hanging

image 156

This macrame inspired crochet wall hanging is not only great for home decor, but also as a little storage on the wall. Made to look stylish and simple while useful at the same time, you will love this for your next crochet wall hanging project!

5. 20 crochet rainbow wall hanging

image 157

If you are looking for something to to hang in the kids room, or your own because you absolutely love rainbows, then this is just the one. Patterncentre has a collection of all rainbow crochet wall hangings that i know you will just love!

I hope you found a crochet wall hanging pattern that you loved and are thinking about making! This is all i had prepared for you today! Let us know which one you loved. If you are still thinking, then you can always pin this article for later!

Happy crocheting!

image 158