35 Crochet Donut Pattern

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Looking for something sweet and appetising to crochet? we have you covered with this list of delicious crochet donuts patterns.

crochet donut pattern

although you can’t eat these cute Amigurumi Donuts, they can be a part of your everyday life. Convert them into keychains, keep in a pocket for gloomy days, or put on the shelf as decoration. Sprinkle them with whatever you want – be it sequins or subtle embroidery. Just remember to be playful, because this project is easy and fun.

Fun Delicious Crochet Donuts Pattern

Crochet donuts are fun projects to make, as you know, donuts come in different flavours, so can your crochet donut. Just look up a donut recipe you liked, loved their icing, and crochet one!

Know someone who loves to eat donuts? Make them a donut keychain, they will love you forever!

Can i crochet a donut as a beginner?

If you are comfortable with crocheting in the round and increasing together with decreasing, then you you have found your next crochet project. This will be just the one for you!

Plus, many of the patterns use worsted weight and bulky yarn, so they’ll work up relatively quickly.

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Tips to crocheting your first donut

If you are relatively new to crocheting and you are eager to crochet this donut patter, then keep a look out for a few things!

Yarn size

Go for patterns that are working with a relatively larger yarn because they are easier for you to see and not skip a stitch. Avoid any patterns that use yarn smaller than a DK weight yarn. Hard to see, and it will take long to finish.

Gauge swatch

Always always try out the gauge before you give the actual crochet pattern a try . You want to make sure your tension is the same as that of the pattern designers so the outcome is the same as the pictures!

Read through the pattern

Before you attempt the pattern, scheme through it first to see if there are any new stitches or skills you might need to learn before hand.

Supplies for Crocheting Donuts

Here’s what you’ll need to crochet a donut.


Your crochet donut pattern will give you instructions for the correct yarn weight, and often recommend a specific yarn. For your convenience, I am going to give you my personal yarn preferences.

You can substitute yarns, but make sure to choose one that is a similar weight and fiber content. This will help you achieve the correct gauge, and ensure that your key donuts have a similar drape to the one in the pattern photos.

Remember, whether you use the recommended yarn or not, it’s crucial to make a gauge swatch to make sure you’re on the right track.

How much yarn will you need? Depending on the size of your donute you want to make, or how many donuts you are making, the size will vary.

For small- medium sized donuts, one skein of yarn will be more than enough. Don’t worry; your pattern will let you know how much is necessary. Check out this Caron yarn or Lion brand yarn.


You’ll also need a crochet hook in the appropriate size. Again, your pattern will give you these details. Then, make a gauge swatch. After making your swatch, you’ll know whether you need to size up or down.

And, if you’re using a different yarn than the one specified in the pattern, you may need to adjust your hook size to meet the gauge.


In addition to yarn and a crochet hook, you’ll need a few other supplies before you get started on your new keychain.

  • Tape measure. A tape measure or ruler will help you take your gauge, check your finished dimensions, and make sure that your donut is the right size.
  • Stitch markers will come in handy for marking your place as you work, especially if you’re working on a larger project.
  • Scissors to cut your yarn.
  • A tapestry needle is necessary to weave in ends and seam your finished donut together.
  • Poly-Fil to stuff your donuts This can be substituted by the yarn similar in colour to the donut base if you have some left over or you do not have access to some stuffing.

35 Crochet Donuts Pattern

1. Amigurumi donut free pattern

image 140

Pattern by Kylie

2. Easy Crochet donut pattern

image 141

Pattern design by MJ The mom

3.Crochet delicious donuts pattern

image 143

Pattern design by Your crochet

4. Giant donut floor pouf crochet pattern

image 144

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5. Giant crochet donut patter

image 145

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6. Crochet donut hair clip

image 146

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7. Crochet donut pillow

image 147

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8. Crochet yummy donut pattern

image 148

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9. Amigurumi donut free crochet pattern

image 149

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10. Crochet donut pattern

image 150

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11. 25 Crochet donut patterns

image 142

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