20 Crochet Sandals

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Looking for a new crochet sandals pattern to try? Look no further! In this blog post, we have collected 20 cutest crochet Sandlas. The crochet sandals can be a great beginner project, as it is just working 2 panels and sewing them together. Deooending on the pattern you are using of course!

crochet sandals pattern

If you are looking for something to wear as you are moving around the house for comfort and warmth, then i have you convered. Of all the crochet sandals patterns i share, only 2 are paid PDF patterns, simply because i could not resist sharing the patterns!

One of the coolest parts of this “how to crochet a sandal” tutorial is the fact that you can literally use any scrap yarn you have. I know i did when i made the crochet button purse which did not take a lot of yards.

Free Crochet Sandals Patterns

If you’re just starting out in crochet, the idea of crocheting sandals should not be so scary. It is just you going back and fourth with the stitch. As long as you know how to crochet straight edges, you should be just fine!

If you’re looking for a relatively simple design to try, these free patterns are perfect for you. They use basic stitches and construction techniques, so they’re a great way to practice the basics while still making a beautiful and portable sandal.

Can i crochet a Sandal as a beginner?

Many beginner can crochet a tote bag, what more a simple crochet sandal? A crochet bag is more complex with its long chain than a crochet sandla is (depending on the crochet design and pattern). So yes! As a beginner, you can crochet sandals.

Plus, many of the patterns use worsted weight and bulky yarn, so they’ll work up relatively quickly.

Types of crochet sandals suitable for beginners

There are a few things to look for when choosing a crochet sandals pattern as a beginner.

First, choose a pattern that uses basic crochet stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitches.

Read through the pattern, and see if there is a recommended skill level listed near the top.

Get an idea of what stitches you will use, what type of seaming will be involved, and whether you need to know any special techniques.

Second, look for patterns made of basic rectangles or other simple shapes. You may want to avoid designs that utilise complex shaping techniques and fancy colorwork – at least for your first crochet sandals project.

Likewise, avoid patterns that call for very lightweight or otherwise difficult yarns. 

Additionally, look for a well-tested pattern with detailed instructions. Video tutorials can be especially helpful for beginners, too. Good thing is most of the patterns i am sharing come with a video tutorial.

Supplies for Crocheting Sandals

Here’s what you’ll need to crochet sandals.


Yourslippers pattern will give you instructions for the correct yarn weight, and often recommend a specific yarn. For your convenience, I am going to give you my personal yarn preferences.

You can substitute yarns, but make sure to choose one that is a similar weight and fiber content. This will help you achieve the correct gauge, and ensure that your sandals have a similar drape to the one in the pattern photos.

Remember, whether you use the recommended yarn or not, it’s crucial to make a gauge swatch to make sure you’re on the right track.

How much yarn will you need? Depending on the size of your sandals sore, you want to make, or how many sandals you are making, the size will vary.

For small- medium sized sandals, one- two skeins of yarn will be more than enough. Don’t worry; your pattern will let you know how much is necessary. Check out this Caron yarn or Lion brand yarn.


You’ll also need a crochet hook in the appropriate size. Again, your pattern will give you these details. Then, make a gauge swatch. After making your swatch, you’ll know whether you need to size up or down.

And, if you’re using a different yarn than the one specified in the pattern, you may need to adjust your hook size to meet the gauge.


In addition to yarn and a crochet hook, you’ll need a few other supplies before you get started on your new crochet slippers.

  • Tape measure. A tape measure or ruler will help you take your gauge, check your finished dimensions, and make sure that your slippers are the right size.
  • Stitch markers will come in handy for marking your place as you work, especially if you’re working on a larger project.
  • Scissors to cut your yarn.
  • A tapestry needle is necessary to weave in ends and seam your finished wallet together.

20 Crochet Sandals Free Patterns

1. Super Comfy Sandals

image 101

Pattern design by : Urbaki

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image 102

2. Chunky T-shirt Yarn Slipers

image 103

Pattern design by: Fabart DIY

3. At home flip flops

image 104

Pattern by design peak

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image 105

4. Crochet Easy Folded Unisex Slippers

image 106

Pattern by Yarn and Hooks

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image 107

5. Smooshy Slippers Crochet Pattern

image 108

The Smooshy Slippers are the fluffiest, softest, comfiest slippers that you will ever wear.

They are sized for women and come in 3 sizes:

• Small (Shoe Size 5-6): 3.5” x 9” long
• Medium (Shoe Size 7-8): 3.75” x 9.5” long
• Large (Shoe Size 9-10): 4” x 10” long

Pattern design by: Knit and Crochet ever after

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image 109

6. Beginner Friendly Crochet Slippers

image 110

If you do not have experience crocheting do not worry because it is really easy to do, the tutorial guides you through the entire process of making it, you only have to have two balls of cotton / polyester thread and a 15 centimeter crochet, try how it goes your tension if you see that you lack tension choose one of smaller size.

Pattern design by : Urbaki

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image 111

7. Crochet Boot Slippers

image 112

As much as i would have loved to keep this post full of free crochet slippers patterns, i could not resist sharig this crochet slipper boots! In my new days of crocheting, i really wanted to give this crochet boot a go. I failed because i do not think this is a beginner friendly crochet project.

Pattern by: Crochet Baby Boutique

8. 3 Chunky Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

image 113

Without a doubt,  they will keep your feet lovely and toasty on even the coldest stone floor. They are easy to make, and will therefore be a great idea for a present. All three patterns are equally beautiful, and equally comfortable to wear. Moreover, because they’re so simple, you can endow the whole family and keep everyone happy.

Pattern design by: Your Crochet

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image 114

11. Ballet Slippers Free Crochet Patterns

image 115

Level: beginner AuthorAshlea from Heart Hook Home 

This easy crochet slipper pattern needs (5) Bulky/Chunky yarn or (4) worsted yarn. There are lots of different colors you can use and it would be great for left over yarn.

12. Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

image 116

Looking for a mindless and quick crochet pattern that you can whip up in a matter of a couple of hours?

I love the crochet slippers pattern because it’s easy enough to crochet while watching your favorite movie and interesting enough not to fall asleep on the row 5.

This pattern is perfect for beginners. And it’s a great project if you want to get familiar with t-shirt yarn.

Pattern design by: Knitznpurl

13. 8 Crochet Slippers Pattern

image 117

This crochet classing slippers is perfecr for the indoors! It is a cimbination of 8 crochet slippers pattern taking out list to 20! Get the pattern HERE.