Crochet Daisy Granny Square

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The crochet daisy granny square caught my eye when i had just started to lean how to crochet. My love for them has not died, i just lack the patience to crochet a thousand granny squares.

crochet daisy granny square

There is a class you can watch for free to make this crochet daisy granny square. You can sign up for free and get 2 free months in which you will get acess to free PDF patterns every week that i put up.

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Easy Crochet Daisy Granny Square

This crochet granny square lesson teaches how to make a granny square coaster, there are so many uses for granny squares, Read this post for 35 crochet granny square cardigans.

I have a stash of scrap yarn that i would love to make into a crochet granny square blanket, best way to dispose of yarn. I will be sure to make a pattrn for everyone to enjoy.

How To Crochet A Daisy Granny Square

When crocheting a granny square, you will be constantly using the scissors so be sure to have access to them at all time.

Working a granny square means you will be crrocheting in circles, it is a very repetitive process and you cant put on a good movie or audio while you crochet your granny square.

Depending on the types of granny square you are making, the process might be different, if your granny square calls for multiple colours, then you wight be working with three or more colours.

If you are working a solid colour, then you will not need to be changing any colours along the way. All in all, crocheting a granny squares follows the same steps:

  • Step 1: Make a magic ring/circle. If you canot make a magic ring, then make a chain of 4 or 5 and then slip stitching into the first chain made can substitute for a magic ring,
  • Step 2: Make chains into the magic ring/circle as the pattern suggests. Cut yarn
  • Step 3: Connect the second colour and work in the round as the pattern suggests
  • Step 4: Proceed to work in the rounds as the pattern suggests till the last row, you will slip stitch and then chain one and cute the yarn.

Not all crochet granny squares will follow these steps, but the majority will and this crochet daisy granny square does.

Projects To Make With Granny Squares

  • Crochet Sweater
  • Crochet cardigan
  • Hand Bag
  • Baby Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Coaster
  • Scarf
  • Foot sandals
  • Purse
  • Case
  • Storage bag
  • Dress
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Home decor

I am sure there are other projects you can make with a granny square, be sure to comment below

Can a beginner crochet a granny square?

I view granny squares as good beginner crochet projects, if you are a beginner, then be sure to watch this class to make your first crochet daisy granny square.