Crochet Zipper Bag For Beginners

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My love for bags led me to this crochet zipper bag tht has just become my new home for all my crochet hooks. If you are looking for a crochet purse bag with a zipper then look no further.

Crochet zipper bag
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Easy Crochet Zipper Bag For Beginners

This zip-up puch/bag was an easy and fast project to make and can be very handy for storing some little items. You see it and you think pencil case, i am curently using it to store my set of crochet hooks.

This crochet zipper bag is the perfect scrap yarn project. You have some zips laying around? then ,ake you some zipper purses.

They are a quick make and can make the perfect crochet gift.

How To Crochet Zipper Bags

Step 1: Crochet around the zipper placing single crochets with the smaller crochet hook

Step 2: Switching to a larger crochet hook,work around the bag. You can use any stitch you desire, for this beginner zipper bag, i used the single crochet stitch.

Step 3: Once you have your desired length, turn the bag inside out so the actual zip is on the inside od the bag and close the bottom with a yarn needle or the crochet hook.

Step 4: Add a lining if desired.

The crochet purse i made does not have a lining since i used the single crochet stitch which has a tight hold. So adding a lining does not matter much in this case.

This pattern is available for free on this website. If you wish to have access to the paid PDF version then visit Etsy, Riblr or Lovecrafts. Thank you for supporting Sitncrochet.

If you are looking for other crochet purse patterns, then you will love this crochet purse for beginners.


My crochet hooks came with a case, however, each time i open it, the hooks just fall out. It does not hurt to give my crochet hooks two homes.


  1. DK weight yarn
  2. 2.5mm& 4.00mm crochet hooks
  3. Stitch maker
  4. Yarn needle

Stitches Used

  1. SC- SIngle crochet
  2. Ch- Chain
  3. Sl st- Slip Stitch


  1. Ch 1 does not count as a stitch
  2. We work the whole crochet bag in the round

Crochet Zipper Purse Pattern

Take note that there is no one size for this crochet zipper bag, different zipper sizes can be used to make different sizes.

Step 1: Poke holes around the zipper

These holes will make it easier for your 2.5mm crochet hook to be inserted. Be sure to evenly space them around the zipper, when you get to the base of the zipper, ch 4 and continue for the other side.

Once you have placed the Sc all the way around, slst to the first sc you made. Ch 1 and sc in the very same stitch as you slst, place a stitch marker on top. sc all the way around.

When you get to the beginning, slst to join the row, ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as joining and sc all the way around.

Step 2: Grow you crochet zipper bag

Continue single crocheting all the way around till you have your desired length.

Step 3: Close the bag

Once you have worked to your desired length, close the bag by sewing with a yarn needle both sides together, be sure to turn the bag insdie out so the zip is facing the wrong side to close.

I used a crochet hook to sc the sides together, you can choose whichever method is easier for you.

Your crochet zipper bag is all done.