First time i saw a crochet doily pattern, i was so sure it was made by a machine, because there is no way the human hand can make soething so complicated looking. Imagine my thought when i saw a mosaic crochet pattern.

A crochet doily can be so easy as long as you have a crochet pattern to follow by.

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How To Use A Crochet Doily

First of all, the crochet doilies are too beautiful to be left hidden somewhere, hang it on the wall of your bed as a dream catcher, or leave it on the table as a centrepiece, or, as most do, use it as a placemate for hot pots oe cups and plates.

What is the difference between a crochet doily and mandala?

I still find myself looking at a pattern named a crochet doily but looks so much like a mandala.

Want to know what the differene is between a crochet doily and mandala is? Well, i will let you know how to tell the two part.

A crochet doily is more lacy and lighter, where as a crochet mandala is more solid in colour.

Can i crochet a doily as a beginner?

When it comes to crochet doilies, just like all other crochet patterns, there are levels. There are some crochet doilies that are beginner friendly, and you will find one or two like that when you scroll down through the free crochet doily patterns. As a beginner, you can crochet a doily just fine.

What yarn is best used for a crochet doily

The crochet patterns you use should specify on the yarn needed to achieve the crochet pattern.

Some will ask for a worsted weight yarn while others a finger light weight yarn. and this is why the duration to complete a crochet doily will vary depending on the size of the crochet project.

Easy Crochet Doily Free Pattern

1. Doily Crochet Pattern

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This crochet doily pattern is super fast and easy. You wil be done making this crochet doily before you even know it.

Using minimal yarn, this crochet doily project will save you a penny.

For the free crochet pattern…

2. Crochet Doily, Lace Doilies

image 3 3
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Feeling like making something a little more challenging? Well this lace crochet doily might justt be the right project for that.

The look of it makes promises to be a very enjoyable crochet project.

Feel like you want to take this crochet challenge on?

3. Easy Rustic Flower Doily Free Crochet Pattern

image 3 4
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Here is a simple and very beautiful crochet doily. A beginner at crochet and you would love to give a crochet doily a try Well, i think this crochet pattern will be just perfect for you.

To have access to this crochet pattern,

4. Pineapple Doily Pattern

image 3
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Everything that had the pineapple pattern used to threatenme.

But when you fear things, you make no progress, i have learnt to fce my fears and challenge myself. I did this learning to crochet a mosaic blanket pattern.

If you would love to give this crochet pattern a go,

5. Easy Pineapple crochet doily pattern

image 4 1
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Feel like trying another crochet doily easy pineapple pattern, i got you.

6. Beautiful Doily Free Crochet Pattern

image 4 2
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as the pattern name suggests, this crochet doily patternsure is a beauty.

Looks like a crochet mandala fore sure, but the pattern designer promises you that is is a crochet doily.

Want to give this crochet pattern a try?

7. Easy To Make Doily Free Crochet Pattern

image 4 3
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Here is another crochet doily that is fully explained with pictures for the visual learner like myself.

Feel like taking this crochet doily challenge on?

8. Margrete Doily Free crochet pattern

image 4 4
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I will not call it a beginners crochet project, but if you wish to take this on, be my guest.

The trick is to crochet while you are allert, not late in the night unless you work better that way, and follow the crochet instructions.

Feel like taking thia crochet pattern on?

9. Lacy Crochet Free pattern

image 4 5
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Feel like making a lacy crochet doily? This free crochet doily pattern was done by Lacy Crochet, and the free crochet pattern can be foind on their blog.

By the looks of this crochet doily pattern, it will not use as much yarn.

Wanna bet?

10. Blue Rose Doily Crochet Pattern

image 4
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I love the finished look of this crochet doily pattern, The flowers give it a beautiful finish. I would definitely hang this on the wall.

Want the free crochet pattern?

11. Citrus Bloo Set Of Three Crochet Doily Patterns

image 5
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This free crochet pattern contains 3 free doily patterns you can pick from.

Find the free crochet pattern below

14. 16 Free crochet vintage doily patterns

image 6 1
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Have a thing or the crochet vintahe free patterns? You have yourself 16 free crochet patterns all found here

For the free crochet pattern,



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