Asteria Crochet Pattern

Looking for new and beautiful to crochet? Try out this asteria crochet pattern. In this article we have put together a few crochet asteria patterns incase you are looking for a new crochet project to display on the wall or lay on the floor.

asteria crochet pattern
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What is a crochet asteria?

According to collins dictionary, an asteria is a gemstone with a bright star-like effect in the middle. Where as in latin, it is a precious stone! A crochet asteria is an ombre crochet star like circle made of layers to present as asteria star.That is why a crochet asteria is comprised of multiple colour or shades of complimeting colours.

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How to crochet as asteria

To begin working an asteria crochet pattern, you begin at the centre and work your way out. The centre is began by making a magic ring, or a circle in whatever manner you are comfortable with, then you work in layers making the pattern while you change colours of the yarn as you go.

You can pick a yarn that will allow you to work the asteria star without changing colours, or you can purchase a complimenting colours.

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Yarn for crochet asteria

As i mentioned earlier, you can either pick to use an ombre yarn or you can pick shades of yarn that are of your choice. And the end result will be absolutely beautiful. The expected yarn weight for this asteria crochet pattern is the worsted weight yarn or the category 4 yarn, however, if the patter uses otherwise, they will be sure to tell you.

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Other supplies for a crochet asteria

To crochet an asteria star, you will need to have the following supplies at your disposal:

crochet hooks

capricorn square white
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You could never have enough hooks!

Scissors– I have never used the scissors for one crochet project before, except when i was crochet the mosaic blanket

41E2nB6q cS. AC SL1200
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Yay or Nay

yarn needle

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10 Asteria Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet Doily Asteria

image 253
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For my visual learners who struggle with crochet patterns or just prefer to watch as they work, this is for you. Watch tutorial

2. Crochet mandala asteria

image 257
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Here is a paid crochet mandala pattern found on Etsy.

3. Crochet mandala doily pattern

image 258
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get the pattern here

4. Crochet asteria doily pattern

image 259
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Get the crochet pattern HERE…

5. Stone mandala crochet pattern

image 260
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get the pattern here…

That is all the crochet patterns i had for you. I hope you were able to find one that fits your taste!

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