30+ Crochet Mushroom Pattern

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Looking for a new crochet mushroom pattern? I have 30+ crochet patterns of mushroom for you to pick from. With theses, you can turn some into a crochet keychain or make a large one for a toy.

Be sure to let us know which crochet mushroom you chose from!

1. Crochet mushroom pattern free

crochet mushroom

I love all things woodland, and so couldn’t resist designing a crochet mushroom pattern. These mushrooms would make a lovely gift for your forest-loving friends, or hung on a Christmas or Easter tree. You could even add a small rattle insert and it would fit in perfectly with a woodland theme…Read more

2. 10 Crochet mushroom pattern

image 262

They are also a very gracious topic for crocheting, regardless of the fact whether you make them in a realistic, fairytale or cartoon style. Overall, these are fun projects for all your amigurumi needs. Here, you will find the most creative and stunning  mushroom free…Read more.

11. Crochet miniature mushroom

image 263

And this little creations… this crochet mushrooms are not they beautiful?  They stole a little piece of my heart, I think.  They’ll fit right into your hand. Cutest Home Decoration…read more

12. 20 Crochet Mushroom Pattern

image 264

If you love the crochet mushroom patterns, why not try the ones we have here. These mushroom softies are cute and adorable, cute for kids, and for adorning your home. We have free patterns that can be handy to a beginner or an expert since they have clear instructions or diagrams on making your mushrooms…Read more.

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