Easy Crochet Mosaic Blanket Free Pattern + Tutorial

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People say crochet mosaic blanket patterns are hard. They’re not, The beauty makes it look intimidating, but there is nothing you cannot crochet. My first crochet mosaic blanket pattern had me fall in love with mosaic crochet.

This crochet mosaic blanket pattern has a printable PDF pattern that is going away for $2 for the first 48 hours! Get yours while you can.

crochet mosaic blanket pattern

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Most people will say easy and mosaic crochet cannot be put in the same sentence, well they really can. Once you learn how to read a crochet mosaic pattern, you will know it’s as easy as a double crochet.

The entire crochet mosaic blanket pattern is worked in single crochet and double crochet. As a crochet beginner, these are the first crochet patterns you learn, and they are the same crochet patterns we will apply to this mosaic crochet blanket.

image 150

My nephew Kai, is finally here, and this crochet blanket is for him. I made it a little bigger than his actual size because he is only 10 moths old, but i want him to grow up still using it and hopefully loving it.

It will not be the first crochet blanket i made for him, this aunt loves to keep her nephew warm and cosy.

Recommended Supplies For Crochet Blankets

When making a crochet mosaic blanket, you do not need any special supplies other than those used to make a crochet blanket. However, to get the perfect crochet mosaic blanket, you need to use the perfect yarn for that.

Keep in mind that you want the crochet blanket to be loved for many years to come even after washing.

Crochet Mosaic Blanket yarn

The best yarn for a crochet mosaic blanket is a worsted weight yarn, this yarn will allow you to enjoy the original beauty if your crochet mosaic blanket after many washes.

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Brave Worsted

$3.99/100g skein

Crochet Hooks

Usually a crochet mosaic blanket will call for 2 crochet hook sizes, and Furls has just the perfect crochet hooks for you. In this pattern, we will be using a 5.00 crochet hook for the crochet blanket body, then a 6.00 crochet hook to bring the boarder to life.

These crochet hooks are ergonomic crochet hooks, if those do not work for you, you can always scheme through the types off crochet hooks and purchase the best ones for you.

Crochet Scissors

These will do so much work, after every row of a mosaic crochet, we cut off some yarn. Get the cutest pair of scissors below.

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Embroidery Scissors

How To Pick The Right Size For A Crochet Blanket

You can make any size blanket from any crochet blanket pattern using the multiples of chains the crochet patterns asks for.

The crochet blankets come in so many sizes from new born to a king-size crochet blanket. That will definitely be asking for a lot of yarn.

Follow this guide for common crochet blanket sizes

Lovey12″ X 12″
Security16″ X 16″
Stroller/ Pram30″ X 36″
Baby36′ X 36′
Crib40″ X 60″
Toddler38″ X 48″
Lapghan38″ X 48″
Throw56″ X 66″
Twin/Single60″ X 90″
Queen/ Double90″ X 90″
King110″ X 100″

Can a beginner crochet a mosaic blanket?


Let me be very honest, if you are a beginner, leave this in the to do list once you are absolutely comfortable with crocheting.

If you are able to work some crochet projects with straight ends and you have mustered the back loop crochet, single crochet and double crochet, then sure, give it a go.

Is mosaic crochet difficult?

It is not difficult, however, it can be very challenging and it does call for a lot of attention. If you make one or two mistakes, the pattern will show as the crochet mosaic pattern is not very forgiving.

image 151

How To Read A Crochet Mosaic Chart

The mosaic crochet chart is read from right to left for each row. Rows are worked in alternating colours, as indicated on the left column.

The entire row is worked in the colour stated. Ignore the colours displayed in each box; this shows how the pattern will loo.

you will not change colour throughout a row. A blank box indicates you will work a sc in the blo. A box marked with an X indicates working a drop-down double crochet.

Work a single crochet through both loops for the first and last stitch of a row. When working mosaic crochet in rows, you will cut the yarn at the end of every row.

Other Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

How Long Does It take To Make A Mosaic Crochet Blanket?

It can take you 3-5 days to complete a crochet mosaic blanket, throw size. However, this will depend on how much time you work on it and of course, how fast you are at crocheting.

If you are a busy bee or you do other things in between crochet time, then give yourself a good 3-5 weeks to complete your crochet mosaic blanket. Once you are done, seeing the results will be absolutely worth it.

Easy Crochet Mosaic Blanket Free Pattern + Tutorial

Crochet blanket Gauge

14 sts and 15 rows equal to 4″ with 5.0mm crochet hook in sc back loop only

Crochet mosaic blanket stitches

Drop-down Dc – Drop-Down Double Crochet – Work a double crochet in the front loop of stitch 2 rows below.

Stitch abbreviatio

Blo – Back Loop Only 

Ch – Chain 

Dc – Double Crochet

 Flo – Front Loop Only 

Rep – Repeat 

RS- Right Side 

Sc – Single Crochet

 Sl – Slip 

Sp – Space 

St(s) – Stitch(es)

 WS – Wrong Side

Finished crochet mosaic blanket measurement size

Throw  50″ x 64″ 

Baby blanket  35″ x 44″

This crochet blanket pattern includes a baby and throw size blanket. This crochet blanket makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or housewarming. You will need to know how to chain, make a double crochet, and single crochet stitch.


Crochet Mosaic Blanket Free Pattern

This pattern is worked in multiples of 8 plus 3. For the baby blanket ch 96 plus 3, for a throw ch 160 plus 3.

For Rows 1 -2 you will work your colours just back loop sc all along placing a sc into both loops for the first and last sc.

You will work row 2-30 as the pattern suggests, the rest will be a repetition of row 2-17 till you reach your desired size.

If you choose to work your crochet blanket like i did, that is working 30 rows of mosaic then 16 rows dc, then just complete the mosaic graph, however, if you wish to work a whole crochet blanket using the mosaic pattern, repeat rows 2-17. Or, after you are done with row 30, go back to row 2.

Well, finish the blanket, then we shall get back to busincess. Caring about the blanket.

How to care for a mosaic blanket

Before i explain how to wash a crochet mosaic blanket, read the yarn labels. So will allow washing machines, while others will only call for hand washing. So depending on the yarn you use, washing methods will differ.

Be sure to wash the blanket before use, because trust me, it is dirty from all the moving around of the blanket when you were crocheting and the yarn of course. You do not know what it has been through. I hope you enjoy your new crochet blanket.

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