Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Free

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crochet baby blanket free pattern
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So last year in September 2021, this girl here got a nephew. Little Kai-Ocean. He is so cute, and his auntie knows how to crochet, so that means a crochet baby blanket needs to be made.

I get to meet him in April since he lives away from me. And i am glad, his crochet waffle stitch baby blanket is all ready. So i thought hey, which not share this crochet pattern with my crochet family

crochet baby blanket free pattern

If you look at the crochet waffle stitch baby blanket free pattern for long enough, you get hungry LOL!!, And the fun thing about this crochet pattern is that it can be made in different sizes so you can go as small as you want, like a wash cloth to as big as you want.

crochet baby blanket free pattern

This free crochet baby blanket pattern only involves the double crochet stitch to build the main part of the crochet waffle stitch blanket pattern.

However, i would not be quick to call it a beginners project as i know the front post and back posts confused me a few times. But, if you are a beginner who loves a challenge, please give it a go.

Untitled design 11

The crochet waffle stitch blanket pattern comes with a video tutorial to make the experience easier in case a few things get confusing.

crochet Baby blanket pattern

Let us make a crochet waffle stitch baby blanket. The crochet babyblanket can be made in any size as it is a free size blanket. We follow a chain 3 + 4 pattern. So you can chain as many chains as you want as long as it is in multiples of 3 plus 4. 

finished size

35 X 37


Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

fpdc- front post double crochet

rep- repeat

st- stitch 




5.00 crochet hook


Tapestry needle

2 balls of 200g  worsted weight yarn

level: intermediate beginner


Chain 124 or any multiple of 3+4

Row 1: Dc into the second chain from the hook, dc into every chain down. Ch 1 and turn

Row 2: work a dc into the very first stitch and then work a fpdc in the next stitch, work a dc into the next two stitches and then work a fpdc in the next st. Rep this till the last st. you should be ending with a normal dc at the end. Ch 1 and turn 

Row 3: work a dc into the first two st, work a fpdc in to the next 2 st, work a dc in the next st, work a fpdc in the next 2 st. rep this till the last 2 st which should be normal dc. Ch 1 and turn

Repeat ROWS 2 and 3 until blanket is desired length. Be sure to end on a row 2 for a neat edge.


Chain 1 and make a single crochet in each stitch around making a ch of 2 into each corner. Slip stitch to beginning stitch.

If you would like, you can end the border here, but if desired, place a row of dc in every st around, when you reach the corners, place one dc, ch 2 and then another dc.

Be free to place any design of borders you find preferable.

 And your crochet waffle stitch blanket is all done!!