Crochet Crop Cardigan

How to crochet the fall crop cardigan

Hi there makers, let’s make us a crop cardigan. Why not look classy while keeping warm?

The texture of this crop cardigan pattern is stunning as it gives the knit look yet as easy as they come…..once you master the half doublr slip stitch. My very personal favourite stitch LOL!

The cardigan itself has minimal sewing and connecting which is a plus if you hate the connecting as much as i do which just makes it a joy to make.

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This was actually my very first crop cardigan to make, after seeing how it came out, it sure will not be my last one to make

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I have always loved the button cardigan designs, so i made this my first and i must say my oh my, isnt it just a beaut? LOL, i know you love it too.

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You can work from this free pattern or purchase the downloadable ad- free PDF HERE

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Crochet crop cardigan pattern


Finished work Measurement for size S

:Length : 16.7 inches

Wide: 23  inches

Gauge: 16 stitches in 14 rows 4”X4”


Amount of yarn needed for all sizes

  1. 5 balls of 100g yarn suitable for 6.00 mm hook for sizes XS & S,

  2. 7 balls for size M,

  3. 9 balls for L,

  4. 11 balls for XL,

  5. 13 balls for 2XL,

  6. 15 balls for  3XL,

  7. 17 balls for 4XL,


XS, (S, M, L, XL ,2XL ,3XL ,4XL)

Level of difficulty

Intermediate Beginner



Stitch library

-Hdslst- Half Double Slip Stitch

-Slst- Slip Stitch

– SC- Single Crochet

-Ch- Chain


-Incr- Increase

-Decr- Decrease

-St- Stitches

-Rep- Repeat

good to know

The pattern for the cardigan is worked from bottom to the top and not side to side.

The pattern is worked in the back loop only

The sweater is worked using half double slip stitch and single crochet for the body and slip stitch for the colar .


The Fall cardigan is crocheted in one panel, you will barely make use of your yarn needle which is time saving  if you ask me LOL!!

We work the front panel moving to the shoulders where we leave an arm opening and continue to work the back portion then back to the front

The sewing to be done will be connecting the shoulders as the arms will be worked onto the cardigan. Simple right?

The inspiration to make this was my love for oversized comfy clothes, so i thought why not keep warm while at it? Also, it will look great in your closet for many seasons to come. And it feels just amazing to wear something your blessed hands made!!

The sizing guide follows size XS (S. M, L,XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL) E.g. ” Ch 41(41, 45, 45, 49, 49, 53, 53) mening chain 41 for XS, 41 for S,  ch 45 for medium, ch 45 for large, ch 49 for extra large, ch 49 for 2 XL, ch 53 doe 3XL ns ch 53 for 4XL


Begin by estimating how long you want your sweater to be by measuring from where you want your cardigan to reach to the mid of your breast.

Ch 41(41,45,45,49,49,53,53)

R1: using a 3mm hook sc into the first 10st, place a stitch marker on the 10th st. switch to a 6mm hook and place hdslst in remaining chs leaving the last ch. In the last ch place 2 hdslst to incr.

R2:  Ch 2 and turn Hdslst  in 2nd st from hook to incr, then (back loop only)  , hdslst in remaining st till the stitch marker, back loop sc in the last 10. Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat rows 1-2 till row 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) then work 12(16,22,28,34,40,46,52) normal rows without increasing.

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You would have ended at the bottom of your work. For the next row, leave 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) stitches at the top of your cardigan unworked because we will be chaining 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) for the back portion. See picture below for clarification.

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For the back portion, work a total of 57(61,67,73,79,85,91,97) rows.

You should have ended at the bottom of your work. The next row will be starting the other front portion, work up as normal, leave 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) stitches at the top of your cardigan unworked because we will be chaining 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) for the other front portion.

This portion will be similar to the first front portion we made.

Work 12(16,22,28,34,40,46,52) normal rows. Then we shall start decreasing so our work mirrors the other side of our sweater

Since we were increasing with 2hdslst in the same st, we will decrease 2 hdslst together at the top of our work only!

Decrease the same amount of rows as you increased. Decrease till row 16(20,26,32,38,44,50,56) then work. Ch1 and cut.

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I really do not know why these pictures are coming up side down LOL, when i learn how to fix it, i sure will. But you get the idea right….?


To make location of stitches easier, go around your sleeve with a row of sc. 1 sc in each hdslst row.

Locate the underarm section of your cardigan and connect your yarn. Make a ch of 66(71,71,81,81,91,91,91) or at your desired length.

Using a 3mm hook sc into the first 10 st, place a stitch marker. Switch to a 6mm hook and proceed with hdslst till the end, slst into the next 1 sc spot around the arm opening to connect the row. To turn for the next row, slst into one sc, place a row of hdslst all the way down till the stitch marker where you will finish with 10 sc. Repeat this pattern all around till your sleeve is done. Sew to close.

Do this for both sleeves.


Connect your yarn at the bottom of your work and place a row of sc all around where yout collar is to be.

At the end, ch1 and slst all the way around.

Work 5 rows of slst. On the 6th row, locate where you want your buttons to be, on the oppoite side create button holes. To do this, locate where you want the button hole to be and ch 2, skip 2 stitches and into the third continue with the slst.

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Do this for the rest of the button holes and work a total of 5 extra rows making it 10 rows of slst for the collar, if desired, you can make it thicker by adding extra slst rows. At the end, ch1 and cut!!!! Sew in your buttons!!

Voilà! You’ve finished your Crochet Fall Crop Cardigan

Your crochet crop cardigan is done and ready to be worn. But first weave in all the stubborn stitcky ends and cut them off!!!

I hope you loved working on this as much as i did. Stay blessed, until next time,

Happy crafting!

Oh, and leave a comment below!

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