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Crochet was very intimidating at first when i started to learn, there were no crochet classes i could take, maily because i did not have a specific interest, everything crochet was beautiful and i wanted to learn all of it.

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Online Crochet Courses

These online crochet courses are designed for the modern maker and come with a detailed PDF Pattern that will teach you how to read a crochet pattern and how to make your crochet project in multiplle sizes.

So i have opened up a class on skillshare to teach you how to crochet anythig and everythig from crochet sweaters, cardigans, blankets, coasters, coilies, rugs, bags etc…

Our first crochet granny square class was dropped, check it out here.

Sign up and get a month for free, and see how you like it. You will get a free PDF pattern every thursday that comes with a well detailed video tutorial.

Crochet Summer Top- Colour Block Top

earing a me-make brings so much joy to me, and i cannot keep that to myself. This colour block crochet summer top is the must have for the modern maker.

crochet summer top

Easy Crochet Summer Top Tee

This colour-block crochet Summer top is worked in two panels, the front and the back. The back however, is made of one solid colour, but if you wish to play around with the colours, then you sure can.

There is a Free PDF Pattern available for this when you take the Crochet Summer Top Class, which you can watch for and download the PDF pattern for free when you sign up for the free month trial.

This means, for 4 weeks, you get to have access to free PDF patterns and Video Tutorial until you are ready to join us for good.

Every Thursday, i will be posting a new class, feel free to comment below what you would like the next class to be, and with these classes, a Free Printable Pattern in 7-9 sizes will be available too,

Sounds like a sweet deal you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Enroll Today

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Best Yarn For Crochet Tops

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Get yarn HERE

When making wearables, you want to work with a yarn that is easy on your skin and a kind of yarn that will allow some cool air in.

I know the stitch used when making the crochet top plays a role, that is why i love woking with DK weight yarn.

Below are some yarns that i think are best for crochet top patterns. Remember they are affiliate links, so when you purchase, i make a little commission at no added expense to you. Thank you




Other Free Patterns You Might Like

Untitled design 5
Crochet Collar Summer Top
image 2 11
Crochet Ruffle Summer Top

Crochet Daisy Granny Square

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Watch this crochet granny square class, the project makes a crochet granny square coaster, but you do not have to stop there.

My very first crochet classes on Skillshare,.

In this class, you learn how to make a basic crochet granny square for any project, i wil show you how to make it bigger and how to hide allthe ecess yarn that show up with the granny square.


This crochet classes calls for the following materials:

  • 3 colours of worsted weight yarn of your choice
  • 5.oo mm crochet hook
  • stitch marker
  • Yarn neele

In these crochet classes we will discuss:

  • How to make a magic circle
  • How to weave in yarn ends
  • Chaining
  • Finishing
  • Getting started with your yarn and hoo

By the end of the crochet class, you will feel great about your crochet granny square coaster, and remember, it does not have to stop at a coaster, you can take it further to a crochet blanket.