Crochet dog hat

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So you have a dog and you would like to crochet your bestie a hat, look no further. I have a collection of crochet dog hats that might just be the perfect one for your loving friend. In this article, i have out together dog crochet beanies for multiple sizes depending on breed and level of expertise you have.

So if you are a beginner to crocheting, do not worry, you will find something inthis list that should be perfect for you and your dog.

How to crochet a dog hat

Crocheting a dog beanie is not very difficult. You will most likely crochet in the rounds and leave holes for the dog ears because you want them to be free.

Unless the pattern does not. If you love pets and are looking to crochet them something then you may love the crochet cat sweater, crochet cat collar and cat scarf.

Crochet dog hat supplies

Best part of this project is, it will not need much yarn. So it is safe to call it a scrap yarn project. dog heads are small, which means, the hat will be small too. Unless you have several dogs, then you might need a bit more yarn.

Red heart super saver yarn can be a great place to start if you are looking for some yarn. If you are looking for a different alternative, then Lion Brand might come to the rescue.

Crochet hooks will be the next requirement to crochet a dog hat, the size will depend o the pattern you chose to follow. Furls Crochet Hooks have always been after my own heart.

Tips To Crocheting A Dog Hat

As much as it is a simple crochet project, you want to look out for a few things as the dogs are curious animals.

  • Do not make the hat too tight for the straps it sits on their neck, assuming the dog hat pattern has straps. If it is too tight, you might choke them
  • As dogs move around a lot, you want to use stitches that will not have the dog trapping itself into things, or getting things trapped into its beanie
  • Do not make the crochet dog hat too long, unless you are trying to make a slouchy beanie.

10 Easy Crochet Dog Hat Patterns

I tried keeping the patterns free as much as i could but then i came across a few cute Etsy crochet dog hat patterns that i could not resist sharing. They are towards the very end. I hope you find a pattern or two for your dog.

1. Crochet dog snood

crochet dog hat pattern

The cowl is made with the headpiece and then you make and attach the ears and ties.  They have made a YouTube video if y’all would like to view that.  You can find it here. Get the pattern here

2. Crochet dog hat snood pattern

image 312

My, what cute ears they have! Protect your dog’s sensitive ears from cold and wind, or just keep them out of the water bowl, with a little red doggie snood. This dog snood crochet pattern works up quickly and comes in 5 stretchy sizes. Read more…

3. Crochet dog hat

image 313

A few front post, back post stitches combined with a few rows of double crochet and a pompom on top will get you this cute crochet dog beanie. Read more

4. Free crochet frog dog hat tutorial

image 314

If you are a visual learner, then this crochet dog hat is gonna be perfect for you. Make as you watch with this easy to follow frog dog hat tutorial.

5. Dog hat crochet patern

image 315

This under 40 minutes crochet dog hat pattern will have your fluffy friend looking and feeling warm! Made from basic crochet stitches, this is the perfect crochet project for beginners. Read more…

6. Hooded cape for small dogs

image 316

If you have a small dog then this is the crochet dog pattern for you. It comes in multiple sizes too!

7. Crochet dog hat pattern

image 317

This is a paid crochet dog hat pattern that is just a must make. Get the pattern on Etsy

8. Crochet Dog Hat Pattern

image 318

Get this crochet dog hat pattern on Etsy for a small amount HERE

9. Crochet dog hat pattern

image 319

Get this crochet dog hat outfit for under $3 on Etsy

10. Crochet dog collar & Headband

image 320

May not be a crochet dog hat, but when i saw this, i could not resist sharing it with you. It is a free crochet dog collar pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts.

That is all the crochet dog hat patterns i had for you today. I hope you found a pattern or two that stole your heart and will be on your hook very soon.