Crochet Duck Pattern

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If you are in search of a cute and fun crochet project, then look no further. You have found this crochet duck pattern that is just too cute to resist. And, it is a fast make! You will be done before you even know it.

crochet duck pattern

In this article, we have put together 15 Easy crochet duck patterns that you will find irresistible. But i warn you, once you are done making this, you will have to make more because everyone is going to want one! You can even consider selling the crochet amigurumis as a kuychain! Something to think about.

Easy Crochet Duck Patterns

Great for home decor, but, if you are looking into crochet ducks for Easter, then you are not early! Perfect time. The fact that this crochet duck pattern is super quick, (well some of them anyways), Means you can make a few to gift or like i said earlier, to sell.

How to crochet a duck as a beginner

If you are an absolute beginner and looking to crochet your very first crochet project, then i would not advice you to crochet this duck. It is best you have knowledge of the basic crochet stitches before you attempt this crochet duck.

With that in mind, as a beginner with knowledge of the basic crochet stitches, there are still a few things you must keep an eye out for before you attempt a crochet project.

Tips to crocheting shorts

Read through pattern

Before you give a new crochet pattern a go, it is best to read your way thought the crochet pattern to see if there are new terms and stitches you do not know and need to learn before you start working on the pattern. It also helps you prepare for materials.

Follow gauge

Whatever gauge the designer had when crocheting the shorts, be sure to have the same. If they blocked their crochet shorts before calculating the swatch, block your gauge swatch too. If you do not know what a guide is, then learn how to make a crochet gauge before you start working on the pattern.

If the gauge you have is smaller or larger, then either go up or down a hook size or yarn. To get the same results as the picture, be sure to follow the instructions.

Have access to all the materials

Unless you are very sure of what you are doing, be sure to use all the materials that the crochet pattern calls for to get the same outcome!

Know how to increase and decrease

When crocheting amigurumis, increasing and decreasing is the one thing you MUST be very comfortable with.

So with that in mind, let’s get to the best materials for a crochet duck.

Best yarn for crochet ducks

If you are looking to make your crochet duck splushie on a budget, then Red heart super saver has that for you. You can purchase some good quality yarn on a budget. If you have a little more money to spare, then try Caron simply soft yarn. You cannot go wrong.

When in search for crochet hooks, if you care for beauty and comfort, then Furls is your go to place. They have a variety of beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks you will definitely love!

image 170

15 Crochet Duck Patterns :Beginner Friendly

Be sure to comment down below which crochet duck was your favourite!

1. Goose & Mother Goose Crochet pattern

image 174

Make this crochet goose pattern that comes along with a bonnet for the mother goose. Pattern design i by stringydingding.

2. Amigurumi Duck-A free crochet pattern

image 175

Here is a larger crochet duck pattern that will welcome hugs. Made with a little pink bow, your crochet duck will be loved! The free crochet pattern was designed by Grace and Yarn.

3. Crochet duck amigurumi pattern

image 176

Looking to make some sleepy crochet ducks? Get yourself this crochet PDF pattern. It is a paid pattern that is available for $6. Great way to support crochet designers!

4. Duck Pattern

image 177

If you are a visual learner, then this crochet Ribblr duck pattern comes with a YouTube tutorial. I learn better as i watch, it you are one of those too, then this duck might be the pattern for you!

5. Little duck amigurumi crochet pattern

image 178

Here is a footless crochet duck pattern! A free crochet pattern designed by amigurumi day!

6. Puddles The Duck

image 179

For about $4.50, you can get this crochet pattern in PDF form on Ravelry

7. Crochet Duck Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

image 181

For $4.69, you can walk with this crochet duck pattern. It is a paid pattern available on Etsy

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image 180

8. Stanley Duck Crochet Pattern

image 182

I am not sure who Stanley is in this picture, but i know that i love this crochet duck! You can make your own with this free crochet pattern

9. Ketchup The yck Crochet Pattern

image 183

Here is a free Ravelry crochet duck pattern you will love.

10. Duckling duck crochet pattern

image 185

Cute is an understatement for these two. They are just so adorable. I was waiting for the to start quacking because they look so realistic! This is a paid PDF pattern on Etsy available for $3.00

11. Duck & Ducling Crochet pattern

image 186

For just under &7.00 you can get this crochet duck pattern that is available in 2 languages. English being one of them too!

12. Dudu The duck crochet pattern

image 187

Feel like a crochet splush? Here it is! Get this paid PA crochet duck pattern on Etsy

13. Charlie the duck bird pattern

image 188

Get the paid pattern on Etsy

14. 2 In 1 Goose crochet pattern

image 189

You get two crochet patterns for this! Get it on Etsy

15. No sew crochet duck pattern

image 190

How cute do these look in their various colours? Get the paid PDF pattern on Etsy

Di you fin a crochet duck pattern you liked? Be sure to let us know! Remember to pin this article for later! And share it with a friend. Until next time, happy crafting!