Crochet Lacy Summer Cardigan Free Pattern + Tutorial

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crochet lacy cardigan

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This crochet lacy summer cardigan is so much loger than i could get it to show in this picture, if i was to make it again, i may make it slightly shorter, but this wa is just as beautiful.


Let’s talk about the yarn used for this crochet lacy cardigan free pattern, you want to use this DK Weight yarn as the crochet project will maintain it’s freshness even after many washes.

Find the yarn HERE

feel free to use whatever colour you may like. 

This DK weight yarn will still look fresh wash after wash and you will love using it for many other crochet projects to come. 

*The sizing guide follows size XS(S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL). E.g. “Ch 100(112, 124, 136, 148, 160, 172) means Ch 100 for XS, Ch 112 for Small, Ch 124 for Medium, Ch 136 for Large, Ch 148 for XL, Ch 160 for 2XL and Ch 172 for 3XL.

crochet lightweight cardigan pattern


DK Weight yarn

5.5 mm crocet hook

Yarn needle

Stitch markers



4(5,6.5)balls of yarn

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-Ch 3 and 4 counts as a stitch 

-The Crochet lacy cardigan can be worked to your desired length. 

-We will use a 5.5 crochet hook for the body and the 

-The crochet sweater pattern contains 4 sizes (XS-L) 

-This crochet lacy cardigan pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial,

– The crochet lacy cardigan body measures 34” long and 22” wide

– The crochet lacy cardigan arms measure 10” long and 8” wide

– We will work 2 body panels of the cardigan, the left and right side then connect them at the centre. 

image 15


Sc- single crochet 

Sk- Skip

Dc- Double crochet

Video Tutorial

For the Video Tutorial, find it HERE


The crochet lacy cardigan is worked in multiples of 4 + 6, if the pattern was too long for your liking, you can always make it shorter by making a chain that is suitable for you. 

Personally I found the cardigan longer than I would have wanted, but then I am short (152 cm). 

SO you will find the foundation chain is the same for all sizes, however, if you are taller than I, then make a longer chain.


Ch 206, into the 7th ch from the hook, back bump of the ch, place 3 dc, skp 3 chains, into the 4th, place 3 dc. Rep this till you have 3 ch left at the end. 

Into the last ch, ch1,place one dc. Ch 3 and turn. 

That ch 3 will count as your first dc, in the last ch 1 of the previous rows, place 2 dc, skp the cluster of 3 dcs, and place your next cluster of 3 dc in the next ch 1 space. 

We will only place the 3 dc in the ch 1 spaces. 

Rep this for the rest of the row. At the end, place 2 dc in the beginning chains we skipped, and place the last dc onto the 4th ch of the skipped chains. 

Ch 4 and turn, 

Place your 3 dc in the first ch 1 space, and rep this for the rest of the row. 

We will rep this for the whole pattern, remember we are working the front and the back panel together. 

Rep this till row 15(22,29)

Ch 1 and turn, sc into the first 37(37,30) stitches Place a stitch marker in the 37th stitch, this will be your front panel, place another st marker in the 31(37,30)th stitch of the back panel. 

Between the two stitches we will be working our sleeves. 

Rep the same pattern for the sleeve, where the sc ended, ch 3, place 2 dc in the ch 1 space, and continue as we’ve been working the cardigan. 

Work 15(18,23) rows for the sleeves. 

Rep this for the other side of the cardigan. 

Watch the video tutorial for a clear guidance on how to close and seam together the crochet lacy cardigan. 

Weave in your ends and your crochet lacy cardigan pattern is all done.

image 16

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  1. I am very confused by the pattern above you show up to three XL and down below you only go to Xcel so how do I make the two XL? Am I supposed to be following a different pattern I have watched the video twice and that does not give me any instructions on how to make the larger size.

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