25 Crochet Shorts Pattern : Beginner Friendly

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If you think you need to be in summer to crochet shorts, then you are wrong. They do work better during the hot season so you get some air, but the crochet shorts can just as well be work around the house as they are just so very comfortable.

If you caught my crochet trousers post, you will see that some of these crochet patterns can replace the sweat pants we love to wear around the house. I know i am excited to make my own pair!

crochet shorts pattern
shorts by knitcroaddict

Stylish Crochet Shorts Pattern

One of the fun bits to crocheting your own clothes is that you can add a dash of your own personal style. Unlike store bought clothes, you get to move around looking different. And do i need to mention the joy we feel when we wear a me make?

The crochet shorts patterns i am going to be sharing with you today are not vintage and old looking.


I have some stylish modern crochet shorts that can even be tempted by a beginner. And the good thing with most of these shorts is, they come with video tutorials. So if you are a visual learner like myself, then get on board! This is for you!

How to crochet shorts for beginners

Depending on the crochet pattern you are using, the construction of the shorts will be different. Some will start at the hand and work their way down, while others will start with the legs. Some will be granny squares while others will work the front of the shorts then the back separately. That is the beauty of crocheting.

Can i crochet a short as a beginner?

Absolutely! You will have to be familiar with a few crochet techniques if the pattern calls for them!

Tips to crocheting shorts

Read through pattern

Before you give a new crochet pattern a go, it is best to read your way thought the crochet pattern to see if there are new terms and stitches you do not know and need to learn before you start working on the pattern. It also helps you prepare for materials.

Follow gauge

Whatever gauge the designer had when crocheting the shorts, be sure to have the same. If they blocked their crochet shorts before calculating the swatch, block your gauge swatch too. If you do not know what a guide is, then learn how to make a crochet gauge before you start working on the pattern.

If the gauge you have is smaller or larger, then either go up or down a hook size or yarn. To get the same results as the picture, be sure to follow the instructions.

Have access to all the materials

Unless you are very sure of what you are doing, be sure to use all the materials that the crochet pattern calls for to get the same outcome!

Crochet Shorts Supplies

Since you are crocheting something that you plan on wearing for a while, it is best you use materials that can also last you a while while maintaining quality.

Best yarn for crochet shorts

If you are looking to make some crochet shorts on a budget, then Red heart super saver has that for you. You can purchase some good quality yarn on a budget. If you have a little more money to spare, then try Caron simply soft yarn. You cannot go wrong.

When in search for crochet hooks, if you care for beauty and comfort, then Furls is your go to place. They have a variety of beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks you will definitely love!

image 170

25 Crochet Shorts Pattern

1. Easy Crochet Shorts Pattern

image 171

Here are some classy gorgeous crochet shorts pattern by chenda DIY. There is no pattern that comes with these crochet shorts, however, there is a video tutorial you might like!

2. Staycation Shorts


The vertical lines of the stitch work in the Staycation Shorts help to visually elongate the legs. They have a really flattering fit and I especially love the wide lacework on the legs. Most of the pattern is crocheted using just half double crochet stitches so they’re actually pretty easy to crochet! 

Designer: Heart Hook Home

3. Crochet short pants

image 172

How stunning are these crochet shorts in the pictures below? They are incredible if you want to combine shorts and a skirt! They have a very comfy wide leg and are perfect for summer and early fall time! Which colors would you go for when making these?

  • DESIGNED by:knitcroaddict
  • PROJECT TYPE: crochet shorts pattern
  • CRAFT: crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL: intermediate

4. Summer Breeze Shorts

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You’ll be looking lovely in these lacey Summer Breeze Shorts. The design is made from four panels worked flat and then joined together using mainly half double crochet stitches. These shorts would work well as a swimsuit cover up. You could maybe even crochet them to be a bit more solid for everyday wear and just keep the lace scallops along the bottom edge. 

Designer: Cr8tion Crochet for Furls Crochet


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I have been seeing lots of overalls and rompers popping up on my social media feeds lately! You can make your very own pair of overall shorts from this Youtube video pattern. How cute would these be over a t-shirt? This would be a fantastic wardrobe piece to have around come summer! 

Designer: Chasing Sunraee