Crochet Mickey Mouse Hat Pattern

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Hello my Disney lovers, we recently made some crochet Mickey Mouse and Crochet Minnie mouse amigurumis, so i though we make some crochet mickey mouse hats for a change! To complete the collection.

In this article we will share some easy free and paid mickey mouse hat crochet patterns that i believe will be off your hooks in no time. Speaking of hooks, do you have all the supplies to make your mickey mouse hat?

Best Supplies

Here is a basic list of crochet supplies you will need to get started on your journey:

  • Yarn: Choose a soft, medium-weight yarn in your desired colours.
  • Crochet Hooks: Select a hook size appropriate for your yarn.
  • Safety Eyes and Nose: For an authentic look, consider using safety eyes and a plastic safety nose.
  • Yarn Needle: You’ll need this for sewing and weaving in ends.


Here’s a table of common crochet abbreviations and their meanings:

chChain stitch
sl stSlip stitch
scSingle crochet
hdcHalf double crochet
dcDouble crochet
trTreble crochet (triple crochet)
dtrDouble treble crochet
ttrTriple treble crochet
yoYarn over
spSpace (typically refers to a chain space)
incIncrease (usually means to work 2 stitches into the same stitch or space)
decDecrease (usually means to decrease the number of stitches in a row)
*Asterisk (used to indicate a repeat)
[ ]Brackets (used to enclose a set of instructions to be repeated)
()Parentheses (used to clarify or group instructions)

These abbreviations are commonly used in crochet patterns to provide concise instructions for creating different stitches and techniques in your crochet projects. Make sure to check the specific pattern you’re working on, as some designers may use variations or additional abbreviations to suit their style.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Hat Patterns

image 114

1. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

image 112

If you are going to crochet mickey mouse, why not go all the way with crochet Minnie too? Grab the free crochet Mickey and Minnie mouse hat pattern HERE

2. Crochet Mickey & Minnie Earflat Pattern

image 113

For this crochet mickey mouse ear flap pattern, grab it HERE.

3. Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

crochet mickey mouse hat pattern

Grab the paid pattern HERE

4. Crochet Mickey Mouse Hat For babies

mickey mouse hat crochet pattern

Grab the paid crochet mickey mouse hat pattern HERE.

5. Crochet Mouse Hat Pattern

crochet mickey mouse hat pattern

Grab the hat pattern HERE.

Now What?

Now that you are all done, what now? Be sure to share this article, and do not forget to Shop some of our patterns.