Crochet Cone Amigurumi Pattern

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Crochet cone amigurumi is a fun and easy project for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. The amigurumi trend has been taking the crafting world by storm, and creating a cute cone-shaped toy is a great way to jump on the bandwagon.

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To make a crochet cone amigurumi, you only need a few basic materials and a little bit of time. The supplies you’ll need include :

worsted weight yarn in the colour of your choice,

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polyester fiberfill stuffing,

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Gives the amigurumis perfect shaping!

a crochet hook,

capricorn square white

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Yay or Nay

a yarn needle, and a stitch marker (optional)

Tips to crocheting the perfect cone

Crochet cones are very easy to make. But if you are an absolute beginner, then here are some tips to keep in mind when crocheting cone:

  1. Choose the right yarn: When making crochet cones, it’s best to use a worsted weight yarn or a yarn that is similar in weight. This will help ensure that your cones have a nice shape and don’t end up looking too bulky.
  2. Practice consistent tension: Tension is important when crocheting any project, but it’s especially important when making items like cones. Be sure to keep your tension consistent throughout the project to ensure that your crochet cones have a uniform shape.
  3. Use stuffing sparingly: It’s important to stuff your cones to give them shape and dimension, but be careful not to over stuff them. Too much stuffing can make your cones look lumpy and misshapen.
  4. Add details to make your coness unique: While the basic shape of a cone is pretty simple, there are lots of ways to add small details that can make your cones stand out. Try adding some safety eyes, a smilly face to give your cones some personality.
  5. Experiment with different colours: cones come in all sorts of colours, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your yarn choices. You can even make multi-coloured cones by using different yarn colours for different sections of the cone.

Other easy crochet amigurumi patterns

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Stitches & Techniques To Crochet Cones

here are some more detailed instructions on the stitches and techniques used in crocheting a cone amigurumi:

  1. Magic circle – A magic circle is a technique used to start a crochet project in the round. It creates a tight and secure center that can be pulled closed after the first round of stitches. To make a magic circle, make a loop with your yarn, insert your hook into the loop, and make a chain stitch. Then, make the number of stitches required for the first round (in this case, 6 single crochet stitches), and pull the tail of the yarn to close the circle.
  2. Single crochet (sc) – The single crochet stitch is one of the most basic and commonly used stitches in crochet. To make a single crochet stitch, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and pull up a loop. Yarn over again and pull through both loops on your hook.
  3. Increase – To increase the number of stitches in a round, you can make 2 single crochet stitches in the same stitch. This will create two stitches where there was previously one.
  4. Decrease – To decrease the number of stitches in a round, you can make 2 single crochet stitches together (2sc tog). To do this, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and pull up a loop. Then, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, and pull up another loop. Yarn over again and pull through all three loops on your hook.
  5. Stuffing – To stuff your amigurumi, use small pieces of fiberfill stuffing and push them into the opening at the top of the cone. Make sure to distribute the stuffing evenly and make the amigurumi as firm or soft as you like.
  6. Embroidery – To add a face or other details to your amigurumi, you can use embroidery techniques with a yarn needle and thread. For example, you can make French knots for eyes or straight stitches for a mouth. You can also use a contrasting color of yarn to make decorative accents like sprinkles or stripes.

With these techniques in mind, you can create a variety of cone amigurumi in different shapes and sizes. Have fun experimenting with different colors, stitch patterns, and details to make your creations unique.

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Can a beginner crochet cone amigurumis?

Crochet cones can be good beginner amigurumi projects, especially if you are new to crocheting or amigurumi. Since the shape of the cone is relatively simple, it can be easier to crochet than some other more complex amigurumi shapes.

Additionally, crochet cones are often used as a base for creating other amigurumi shapes, such as animals or characters.

However, it’s important to note that even simple amigurumi projects like crochet cones require some basic crocheting skills, such as how to make a magic ring and how to single crochet.

It’s also important to pay attention to the pattern instructions and to use the recommended materials and tools.

If you are a beginner and interested in trying a crochet cone amigurumi project, there are many free patterns available online that you can use to get started.

Just be sure to take your time and practice your crochet skills as you work on your project.

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How to use crochet cone amigurumis

Crochet light bulbs can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the size and style of the bulb. Here are a few ideas for how to use your crochet light bulbs:

  1. Christmas ornaments: Small crochet cones can be used as Christmas ornaments, hung from the tree or used to decorate wreaths and garlands. Can easily be made to look like a christmas tree too, just make it i green, or white.
  2. Decorative cones: Larger crochet cones can be strung together to make a decorative display. You can lay them in a decor trey and leave them in the centre of the room. They will look beautiful.
  3. Home decor: Crochet cones can be used as unique home decor accents. You can display them in a decorative bowl or vase, or hang them from a hook or string as a decoration.
  4. Gifts: Make a few cones and they can be a great handmade gift. You can make them in the recipient’s favourite colours, add personalised embroidery, or even fill them with small treats or gifts.
  5. Gift Boxes: Crochet cones can be used as gift boxes for small items such as jewelry, candy, or other small trinkets. You can also create a set of crochet cones in different sizes to use as nesting gift boxes.
  6. Party Favors: Crochet cones can make great party favors for birthday parties or other special events. You can fill them with small treats or toys and then give them out as party favors for your guests to take home.

Overall, crochet cones are a fun and versatile item to crochet, and there are many ways you can use them in your crafting projects.


1. Honeycomb crochet cone

image 420

This is a great ice cream base, but can work just as well for a Christmas tree ornament and other projects. Love this crochet cone pattern? Grab the free pattern that comes with crochet ice cream HERE

2. Crochet traffic cone pattern

image 421

When i hear “Crochet Cone” this and the ice cream are what comes to mind, if that was you too, then grab this traffic crochet tone patter HERE

3. Crochet ice cream cones

image 423

If ice cream crochet amigurumi is why you clicked on this post, then look at this! Crochet ice cream in a crone pattern that is just right. This is a paid pattern however and can be accessed HERE.

4. Crochet tree cone pattern

image 424

As much as this is a Christmas crochet cone amigurumi, you can ignore the lights and just make a few different sizes for the home decor. Consider going for white and grey as your colours to give the man extra pop. Grab the pattern HERE.

5. Crochet icecream plush

image 425

I think plush yarn crochet projects are just too cute to resist. If you are a lover of ice creams, then consider this crochet icrecream amigurumi pattern. If you have some plush yarn laying around and are wondering what plush yarn crochet projects to make, the this can be one!

Did you find a crochet cone pattern you liked? I sure hope you did. I also hope this pattern did not deceive you in any way! If you would like more ice cream crochet patterns, be sure to let us know in the comments! If this article helped you in one way or the other, be sure to share it with a person or two!


In conclusion, crochet cone amigurumis are a great beginner-friendly project for those interested in crocheting and amigurumi. Crochet cones are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including as the base for other amigurumi shapes, Christmas ornaments, home decor, gift boxes, and party favors.

While crocheting a cone shape may seem simple, it’s important to remember to pay attention to pattern instructions and use the recommended materials and tools. With practice and patience, you can create beautiful and unique crochet cone amigurumis to add to your collection or give as gifts to family and friends.